Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jackson 2011


We went to Jackson Hole in August with my family and had a great time. Steph took all the pictures and I just barely got them from her so that’s why I’m so late posting about it! We stayed at a little cabin at the KOA and it was awesome. Dan and I had the “loft” and we could touch the ceiling with our feet when we were laying in bed. It was sweet. Very small, but perfect for our family and my parents spent a few nights before we came and spent two nights there.


We went on a hike to a jumping rock on Phelps Lake with Steph and Andrew. It was gorgeous. We love it up there.

IMG_4002 We had to wade across a small pond/lake and it was FREEZING. Steph and I were just screaming and squealing across it even though we were planning on jumping into the lake a little later! Luckily it was really warm outside.

IMG_4003  IMG_4064 Dan and I on the sweet jumping rock with such a beautiful view.


Steph took some amazing shots of us jumping off the rock. Dan busted out the toe touch on this one. The water was so freezing, and I was more scared to jump into the ice water then from the height of the jump!

Jackson HoleIMG_4051 Precious.


I love this picture of Steph from the hike.

Jackson Hole1

Here is my jump off of the rock. It was a little scary but really fun and I did it a few times after the first jump. We warmed up in the sunshine afterwards on the rock.

IMG_4056  On Sunday we went to watch the rafts come through Big Kahuna. We had a nice lunch and enjoyed the water before we drove home.     IMG_4075IMG_4086 IMG_4101

This is the best picture of my Dad. I seriously love it.

IMG_4095   IMG_4109  The whole fam with the river behind us. We had a good time together and loved enjoying being outside and it was so beautiful there!


Nicole Saldivar said...

How fun!! I want to go to Jackson Hole so bad!

Please post pictures of your framed bathroom mirror! I'd love to see them. I'm actually quite nervous about doing it. I know it will look good but I'm afraid of messing it all up. My house plans list is also very long. In fact, my BIL saw some of the list a month after we first moved in and wrote on it, "I'm so glad I don't live here." hahahaha...one day they will understand it. Burnt orange was one of our wedding colors and I love it. I'm not daring enough to paint the whole bathroom that color (just yet anyway) but I will accent with it for sure. We must have good taste!

Shell said...

So fun! I'm glad you guys love it so much up there. Yay for summer vacays!