Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My blood hurts

Dan is a beast. When I decided I wanted to run the Top of Utah half marathon, he signed up for the full marathon! I don’t know what he was thinking but he wanted to do it. The race was 2 weeks ago and he killed it! He slept in Logan and only got about 3 hours of sleep so I was pretty worried about him. On top of that, it poured rain for about 7 miles of the race!


I drove up to Logan with Julie and the boys and as we came into Cache Valley and saw the black clouds and drove the pouring rain, we were pretty worried about our boys. We waited for them at mile 17 (In our Ute gear of course) and cheered and held signs that Julie had made.


Dan was looking awesome at this point and still feeling pretty good. I thought he might want to stop to change into a dry shirt or get some meds but he just showed me his sweet muscles and kept running!

DSC01419 - CopyDSC01418

We drove a few miles ahead to look for Jon and Wellyn got distracted by the worms everywhere because of all the rain. He is a total boy and loved the worm. Everett was terrified of it at first but quickly became obsessed with looking at it and he kept entertained by throwing rocks. Love those boys.


We saw Dan coming up again and still looking strong. This was about mile 22 and he said “everything is starting to hurt right now”. But he kept going and so we went to the finish line to wait for them to cross.


I was so excited to see his cute face come running to the finish line and he looked amazing (a little wet, but still great!). He finished in an amazing 4 hours 18 minutes! He didn’t have tons of time to train and didn’t get a lot of sleep but he did it! DSC01424

I was seriously so proud of him, I got teary eyed! I’m kind of an emotional person and I cry easily, but this was such a neat moment! He worked so hard and pushed himself so far emotionally and physically and I just wanted to squeeze him!

DSC01425 - Copy

Julie with her cute signs for the boys and Dan trying to look happy even though he was pretty much dying. He was sore for a while and told me his blood hurt. Funny.


The boys after the race in their matching outfits! Loved it. Take note of Jon’s bloody nipple! Yikes…


These boys are so cute and Everett was just happy as a clam chowing down on his ice cream sandwich. He was a mess but still adorable.


Congratulations to Dan my man! I love this boy and I’m so proud of his huge accomplishment!


Lanea Sampson said...

We love him and are so proud of him too! Congratulations, Danny Boy!

Nicole Saldivar said...

Seriously amazing!!! Congratulations, Dan!

Shell said...

Go Danny! He is so awesome! That is fun that he got to run it w/ his bro in law. You looked great in your Ute gear!

Michelle said...

It makes my blood hurt just thinking about it :)
Great Job Dan - one of these days we need to go running together.