Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Top of Utah


I’m really late posting (and still haven’t posted pics of our trip to Jackson Hole a few weeks ago since I don’t have the pictures!) but I ran the Top of Utah half marathon last week and I can’t believe I did it! In a million years, I never would have thought I could have run for over 2 hours straight! But I did it and it was a great experience and I’m so glad I did!

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The night before the race, we stayed in Logan at Bre’s house (thanks Bre!). It was about 30 seconds to the starting line from her house so that was awesome. This is me before the race getting pumped up! Luckily my eyes cooperated and I was able to wear my contacts the whole time without any problems. Dan sent me off and I was all alone for over an hour until the race started.


I am a slow poke runner and I was not in any hurry to push it too hard. I just wanted to enjoy myself and enjoy the race and that is basically what I did! The weather was amazing and the canyon was gorgeous. The first 7 miles down the canyon was great and I loved seeing Dan waiting for me at the bottom of the canyon around mile 7. I was feeling good except for a little bit of problems with my knees. I stopped for some grapes, ibuprofen and a picture and then I continued on…010009











The middle of the race was also pretty good and I saw Dan a few more times along the way which pumped me up. I kept trying to be mentally positive and even though my knees were kind of hurting, I tried to remind myself that I wanted to be doing this and that I was strong and I enjoyed it. I think it helped me keep going and feel good!


011 I had to take a potty break at mile 11 and the last two miles were really hot (I hate the heat!), but I kept trekking and finished in just over 2.5 hours. Definitely not a speed demon, but I was super happy with it and just glad that I basically ran the entire time and I didn’t keel over dead at the end (like I thought I might!).017

I’m kinda ticked that we didn’t get any pictures of me after I crossed the finish line! I promise I finished, but I was distracted and we just forgot to get some pics of me with my medal! Dangit…but I did finish and I felt pretty dang good. I was definitely tired and my knees were hurting, but I survived and I enjoyed it!

015 I will definitely run another half at some point, but for now I will just keep running a few times a week without the pressure of a race. Dan and I are doing a 10k on Saturday and it will be fun and a lot easier than a half marathon. Dan is running the Top of Utah marathon on the 17th so hopefully I’ll have a positive post about his experience soon! I can’t imagine running twice as far as I did for this race…barf! But he is a beast and I’m sure he will be amazing!


Lanea Sampson said...

Haley-You did it and I'm so proud of you-and you're smiling in every picture! Love you1

Amanda said...

Congratulations! That is so awesome. I look up to you.

Nicole Saldivar said...

So awesome!! Congratulations!

Price's Write said...

Way to go woman! That is the best half to run and I am so proud of you. Your post makes me want to go do another one:)

Michelle said...

I love reading your post compared to mine - it's like night and day. :) You are awesome!
ps - your arms are ripped, what's your secret?