Sunday, October 16, 2011

Home stuff


I made some updates to our master bathroom forever ago, but I didn’t realize that I hadn’t posted any updates about it on the blog! When we moved in the bathroom (like the rest of the house) was dirty and the paint was horrible. But it was really big and had TWO SINKS. I was sold.

IMG_4568 Dan painted the bathroom the same color as the lighter gray in our bedroom. I added a yellow stripe to coordinate with our bedroom and I love it. I also added a frame around the mirror using moulding.  IMG_3912

The frame makes a huge difference and makes the entire room look finished even though it’s not yet. I still need to add a clock and I’m working on putting the same moulding frame around the window in the bathroom and the bedroom. We just glued the moudling right onto the huge mirror like we did in our powder bathroom.

IMG_3916 I made these simple shelves and I still need to put some “real” pictures in the frames on the bottom. i framed fabric for the top frame.


  One more look at our bedroom. We still love it!


I have also done some Halloween decorating. I really only decorate for Halloween and Christmas and this year I added some more fun things to our house for Halloween. Ignore the game on…I was watching my Utes finally win!

130 I got the spider cut outs from Michaels. They are from the Martha Stewart line which is awesome! There were a lot in the package and they were cheap too. I put them around our window mirrors and on our french doors. I made the spider web myself. I’m really hoping to get a Silhouette craft cutter this year so I can do a lot more crafts like this and not have to cut things out by hand or buy them!

131 132

I saw this ghost idea on another blog and copied it! I used frosted window film. I already had some because I used it to cover our bathroom window so we can open it more often without sacrificing our privacy. I love the ghosty on the mirror.


The bats are another fun idea I saw on a blog and they were easy and cheap. It just took a few nights of cutting out bats while watching our shows on TV. You can see Mr. Ghosty in the mirror as well :)


I made the spooky banner with bats using paper and twine and I added more spiders to the french doors.

125 126 This little table is in our kitchen and I want to paint it but I can’t decide what color! I love light and bright white to patch our window mirrors and TV stand, but white is also boring so I don’t know! Dan probably wouldn’t go for a bright crazy color because it doesn’t “match”…so any ideas??


I used cheesecloth from Lowes for the creepy white cloth and the skull on the stand is now silver and there is a silver pumpkin there too :) I have already changed things since I took these pictures!

127  I just put stickers on the front of canning jars filled with candy corn. I have electric tea lights from the dollar store inside but I forgot to light them for the picture! Whoops!


Lanea Sampson said...

Hey, baby girl! Everything is darling! Why don't you make your mama a Spooky pennant thingy??? Love you!

ShaNae said...

I love you bed and bathrooms! You are so talented. For your table, I don't know if you like it or not, but have you seen the crackle spray paint? It could be white and different. Just an idea. Anything you do looks great!

Diane and Colby Dimond said...

I love your master bedroom. That design wall just kills me with how adorable it is. Love your house! I won't have a house for 10 more years- you lucky duck!

Shell said...

You're so creative! I love all your HWeen decor. Sorry that I still haven't thought of a costume for you. :( Love ya!