Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hello gorgeous


I’m pretty sure that I have used that title before but oh well…I haven’t updated forever because our lives have been a little hectic lately and I really haven’t taken any pictures! But here are a few things that are coming up around the house that I’m really excited about!

I have wanted new floors since we first moved in and I noticed the terrible installation job they did and the weird way it transitioned into the carpet. The floor is not in good shape and I kind of hated it. You can kind of see in this picture how it curves around the carpeting.


New floors are pretty pricey (even laminate) since we’re doing 800 square feet they were not in our future for a while because of the price, but I have still been keeping my eyes out for good deals and I know exactly what I wanted. I came across this blog randomly here: I got REALLY excited because I loved the floors she had and she said they looked awesome and were great for durability. And the best part is…they are CHEAP! untitled3She got them at Sam’s Club and they are hand scraped laminte. I was obsessed and after doing some research, measuring and discussing with Dan, we are going to get them! I debated on what kind of flooring to do and decided that real hardwood is way out of our budget for a while and it’s really not a great investment for our home. It’s not something we would probably see back when we sell in the future. Also, I really want durable floors that my children and other kids can beat up on and I don’t have to worry about them getting ruined. These floors fit the bill! And they are exactly the style I want too! Look how gorgeous they are: floor1

So hopefully we will be purchasing these lovelies in the near future and then installing them ourselves! Yikes…Dan is really handy and many of his family members have installed laminate floors before so I’m pretty confident that it won’t be a problem. And we’ll save a ton of money. I’m so excited and I know it will really open up our room to get rid of the cheapo carpet. And then I can get a nice big rug so it’s still comfy! I will definitely update on our progress.


Also coming up in an update I have been working on with our kitchen island. I love the look of white cabinets but Dan would freak if I painted them and I’m really not up for that right now anyway! So I decided to paint our island white and add some moulding just like the pictures below. It’s almost done and it looks really great! And just like I predicted, Dan likes it too!


Finally, the latest with us. We were able to take a lot of drives this Fall and saw some awesome Fall leaves! It was so much fun to drive together and chat and enjoy the beautiful views. We did a hike and got dinner and just drove around to different places.

088A few weeks ago at work, I was told that they company wasn’t doing so well and that day was my last day. Wow. Total shock. I had only been there about 13 months and I was laid off by Flying J before that! What was wrong with me?! I couldn’t believe it and I had no idea it was coming. I was devastated and leaving my amazing friends at work was heartbreaking. I cried a lot. I was so worried and overwhelmed and just had so many emotions. That happened in the morning and I called Dan to let him know. We carpooled and so I went to his work and his amazing boss told him to leave for the day to be with me. He is a great guy. Dan is so wonderful and I honestly couldn’t ask for a better husband and friend. He says the best things or sometimes says nothing and just hugs me a lot. He is perfect for me and I would be so lost without him.

020That morning he suggested we head up to Cache Valley to enjoy the scenery and get my wedding ring cleaned. He is so smart and knew that I wouldn’t want to spend any money, but that was a free way to make me really happy! What a guy…the colors in the canyon were incredible and we took a lot of pictures and also stopped in Brigham City to walk around and check out the new temple being built. It was beautiful! Considering the circumstances, it was a wonderful day and even though I bawled most of the time, I still loved being with him and it was a great thing to do that day. We talked a lot and he comforted me and calmed me down like only he can!


I immediately started looking for jobs and sent out some emails later that evening to people I had kept in touch with. The next few days were pretty depressing and stressful, but the Lord was watching over us as usual. I forgot to mention that the first thing I thought of after getting over the shock of getting laid off AGAIN was that I wanted to go to the temple. We hadn’t been in a while and it was immediately what I thought of. We were able to go a little while later and it was great.

021  To make a long story short, through some amazing blessings and thankfully keeping in touch with a previous boss from my job in college, I was able to land a new job! I couldn’t believe how quickly it all happened and it was definitely a blessing from the Lord. I started my new job last week and so far it has been really great. The only negative is the 45-60 minute commute up to Research Park. It sucks, but once I’m trained more and I’m settled (in a few months hopefully), they said I can work from home 1-2 days a week and during bad weather! That is awesome and I’m really stoked for that. Dan and I are also going to keep carpooling once or twice a week.

030 So that is the latest with me and I have honestly been an emotional wreck the past month! I’m such a bawl baby and I’ve had quite a few meltdowns. But of course Dan is there to calm me down and make me feel so much better. It’s weird how well he can do that but I couldn’t be more grateful! Now we’re pretty much back in our routine and things are relatively back to normal!

052 Dan is still working his little booty off doing school 8 hours a week, plus a lot of homework and working full time. He still manages to find time to watch our shows with me and help me with projects and cleaning the house! He also fits in working out and a lot of football and sportscenter after I’m in bed :).

087 I will try to get the kitchen island wrapped up soon so I can take some pictures! I didn’t plan on this post being so long, but sometimes that just happens.

110 115     Life is tough but once again, we are blessed.


Mayce and Ethan said...

Those floors look beautiful...can't wait to see pics of them in your home. And congrats on getting a new job so quickly, that is truly a blessing in this economy.

Nicole Saldivar said...

The floors are so pretty. They will look great! And I love that kitchen island idea too.

Isn't life funny?! Everything always works out and I'm so glad you had that same experience of it working out. Good luck with the new job, I'm sure you'll do great!

Blakelee said...

so sorry about your job, but so gladd you got another one. let me know if you ever want to carpool. I'm up right by research park!

Amy said...

I feel that way about life all the time. Things can get so tough but God takes care of me. Always. Like Maria on Sound of Music says"When God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window."

Sardine Canyon is so pretty this time of year. You got some beautiful shots.
Yay for the new job!