Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall Fun

I seriously LOVE Fall. I know a lot of people do, but it just makes me so happy I can’t even explain it! There are so many wonderful things about Fall and here are just a few (in no particular order):

1. Sweaters
2. Halloween
3. birthdays! (Mine and Dan’s)
4. Crisp weather
5. Leaves changing
6. Football
7. Relief from summer heat
8. Boots

I put up a few Fall/Halloween decorations at our house and I really love it! I don’t have a ton of little spots to decorate which is good because I hate having clutter and knick knacks everywhere. IMG_6025

I changed a few things on this little table in our kitchen area. I’m going to paint this table soon…I’m thinking red to match our red wall in the family room. I “spookified” it by putting little skulls from the dollar store in a lantern, and using spiderwebs. I added little spider rings and skulls. The glittery skeleton is also from the dollar store.IMG_6027


I really love the front porch and I love even more how cheap it was! I had been wanting some cute fallish stuff for the porch but I saw it at Joanns and stuff for a lot of money! I almost lost my mind when I saw a whole bunch of houses in our neighborhood selling cornstalks, straw and other fall stuff!


We basically live on the shores of the Great Salt Lake (lakefront property hello!) but we love the neighborhood and also how “farmy” it still is. There are a lot of farms around and in our neighborhood and it’s awesome! It reminds me of Cache Valley…love it :)


Anyway, I picked up everything except the pumpkins on the stairs and the “Happy Halloween” sign for $8!! SWEEEEEEET! And I just had to wheel my wheelbarrow a few houses down. Awesome.


I still need a wreath and I’ve been making one but since I go to bed at 9, I don’t have a lot of time :)


This is the little shelf that you can see from the upstairs looking down toward the front door. You can see it from the front door too.


And here is another update on the bedroom progress. I was able to get the nightstands painted and they look great! I don’t have a pic close but they were honey colored wood with round knobs on them before.

I sanded them, primed and spray painted them bright glossy white. I also covered them with a clear glossy topcoat enamel. I put on new hardware and now they are updated and look awesome!

IMG_6036 IMG_6037

The room so far…I was too lazy to take the water bottle, alarm clock, etc off the nightstands just for a pretty pic :)


I obviously still have a lot to do in the room, but I’m loving it so far! Curtains are my text battle and I have decided to do something similar to this: IMG_6083-1

I’m going to do the curtains white, but I need to decide what fabric to do along the bottom. Here are a bunch I have.HousePics photo 2

Please help me decide what color to do at the bottom of the curtains! I also have a chair kinda like this


I’m going to paint it white and then cover the cushions in fabric too. So please let me know what fabric I should use on the curtains and on the chair! PLEASE I NEED HELP :)

Thanks kids :)

Life update: I’m just finishing up my third week working at SunGard and so far I’m enjoying it! I love that I get to wear jeans and casual clothes! And working at the Gateway is really cool. Dan came and met me for lunch and we watched the circus parade where they brought the elephants down through the Gateway. It’s fun to be downtown and I take the train a lot too which is nice. I’m excited to have a good job and I like learning new things and I’m ready to know how to do my job and be done with the “I don’t know what I’m doing/training” stage :)

Dan is killing it at school and I’m so proud of how hard he is working and all the studying he is doing. School is not his favorite and studying doesn’t come naturally to him :) But he is amazing and doing great. And he’s trying to plan to take extra classes so he can graduate and start his Master’s program sooner! Yay!

We also bought some trees for our yard and they are great. Fall is a really good time to plant and buy trees since they’re all on sale. We got 5 trees and a few perennials and the yard is still coming together but we really like it!


Mayce and Ethan said...

Not that my opinion matters but I really like fabrics 1, 5, and 7. Also for recovering the chair, you should use home decorating fabric or upholstery fabric because it will hold up much better than a regular light weight cotton. Joanns has a pretty decent selection of home decor fabrics. The room looks great - so fresh and modern!

Shell said...

Hey yo! All your fall stuff looks so dang cute! Your room is fab...I'm so jealous. I like fabrics 8 & 9 for the curtains and maybe like 1, 4 0r 5 for the chair. I don't know, that is so hard. 5 would be good for the chair for dirtiness' sake. You are so awesome and I'm glad you and Dan are doing great and loving what you're doing. We love ya and can't wait to see you soon!

Amy Burtenshaw said...

Here's my vote. 6 for the chair to really emphasize the yellow highlights. For the curtains I think high contrast would be cute so I choose the fabric to the right of 9 - the white daisies and dark background.
Good luck. Your house looks great. I LOVE the fall too!

Amanda said...

I am not an interior designer or anything, but I would go with fabric #5 for the curtains and something a little lighter like fabric #2 for the chair, but the chair is harder to decide without seeing it in person.

Lanea Sampson said...

Hey sweetie...if you're going to use white material for the drapes, I think #5 would look good. Love you!

Brigitte said...

Haley I love your bedroom! I like fabrics 1,3 & 4. Just letting you know! =)

Dan and Nicole Saldivar said...

My favorites for the chair and curtains are 1 and 4! I can't wait to see how the curtains turn out. I've been wanting to add some fabric to the bottom of ours too but I'm too afraid it will look bad!