Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Be Prepared

I have been really interested in getting food storage since we moved into our house and we have a little more space. At the bottom of my blog list I have some resources about food storage that I refer to often. I've been really happy with the progress I've made and getting food storage is weirdly exciting for me. Anyway, with the fire in Herriman I have been more motivated to do a few more things right away in case something like that happened to us. It's so easy to think that we will never have to evacuate or have an emergency or need food storage or 72 hour kits, but it's so important and I really feel strongly about it.

I know that one family who lost their home in the fire said they only had a few minutes notice and they didn't bring one single thing. How awful would that be? I know a lot of people use back up hard drives to back up their pictures and computer documents, but if you don't, I highly recommend it! You will be so sad if you don't have backups of your pictures and your computer crashed or got destroyed. An external hard drive is really easy to grab if you only have a few minutes to leave and you will have your important pictures and data. I also recommend backing those things up using an online storage site as well so if something were to happen to your hard drive you have them stored somewhere else. There are a lot of free sites and some that offer a lot more space for cheap. I use windows skydrive.

Here are the things I'm making a point to get finished by the end of October:

1. Grab and Go List: This is a list of what you would grab if you had to leave quickly. Here is an example from She has a lot of really good information.

2.. Completely finish 72 hour kits. Here is the list I put together based on other lists online and our needs (sorry I didn't fix the things that are crossed out).

I think the most important thing is just to do what is best for you. Get together what you need so you don't have to depend on others or worry if there is an emergency. I like feeling like I can have a little control over an emergency situation by being prepared. I feel really strongly that this is important so I wanted to share it with everyone! I hope you guys can get motivated to do some food storage/emergency preparedness because you will be glad you did. It definitely doesn't hurt and you can do it really inexpensively if you start now and do it over time. Let me know if you want me resources or information or my 72 hour kit list and I can email it to anyone who is interested.


Dan and Nicole Saldivar said...

I've been thinking a lot about being prepared too! I've even started to get stuff in line. Thanks for the pointers. I'll have to check out the links you have on your blog!

Shell said...

Great ideas, Hay! I think I'm going to make a list and back my pics up online, I think i would just feel a lot better! You are pretty much ya!