Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Loads of fun

My laundry room is finally totally finished and I'm so happy about it! I had gotten a lot of it done about a month ago, but then I had to wait to make a few more purchases because we were spending money on our yard and we also were busy with the Wasatch Back. IMG_5814             It was really hard to get good pictures because it's a pretty small space and even though I tried it at night with the flash and during the day with the sunlight, it was still hard! I'm not a pro photographer geez...anyway, my inspiration for the laundry room was this:laundry-room-makeover-after  *from kevinandamanda.com

Unfortunately I don’t have the sweet front loaders yet, or the space for the nifty laundry tower, but it’s close right?!

My mom had bought me the rug from BB&B for Christmas so I just used that until I finally finished the whole room awhile later. IMG_5824              I decided to paint the walls a deep blue to coordinate with the rug and still look good with the colors in the rest of our house. I LOVE the color and Behr paint + primer is really great and I would highly recommend it. I found the awesome grass cloth roman shade on cheapo sale at Lowes and made it work even though it was extra long.                                 

I got a set of unfinished wood cabinets from Lowes that I primed and painted white. Dan took the lead and installed them (with my glorious help) for me. He also installed the hanging bar to hang clothes that don’t fit on the drying rack.IMG_5803               On the doors of the cabinets, I decided to use paintable beadboard wallpaper to add a little interest and make the cheap cabinets look a little more special. I got a huge roll on sale at Lowes (notice a trend here…) for around $7 or so. It was really easy to do and I love it! It’s a subtle change, but I think it looks great along with the clear glass knobs.                                IMG_5821          Sorry for the yellowish look, they are really bright white, but I don’t know how to take pictures and my 4 year old camera doesn’t help :)IMG_5806 IMG_5809             We finally got a “real” ironing board after over 2 years of marriage! We had kept my crappy brightly colored table board from college but we never used it (who irons anyway?). We finally bought this one and a hanger for the wall for it. Surprisingly the cover matches the room! But maybe I’ll get a cute cover for it at some point.

I ordered a broom/mop hanger off of Amazon and it’s awesome! It’s like magic and it holds my broom and mops perfectly. It was only $13 I think too!IMG_5822            So now I have a spiffy new laundry room and it really makes me happy! I didn’t spend much and I kept it simple.

Maybe some day in my future dream home I’ll have a huge laundry room/mud room like one of these:laundry_room_2-1 Mudroom-After                  I love the cool locker-type style for kids to keep backpacks, shoes, boots and snow/swim/dirty clothes. 1 laundry_rooms iStock_000006499705XSmall                   I will keep day dreaming about that, but for now, I’m really happy with my current dream home and my cute laundry room! Now I have a laundry area that is functional and stylin’!    IMG_5808


Shell said...

Love it! I'm happy that you got it done. Everything looks really good. If i ever build a house I will for sure include a huge laundry/mud room. Those were awesome! Talk to you soon!

Alicia said...

I am totally impressed! Well done. It looks so chic.

Lanea Sampson said...

Love it, Hays!! Looks darling (as usual) Now, on to what????

Eric and Ape said...

Lovin' it! Your house posts are great, they're my inspiration, i'll never have as cute a house as you, but i'm sure gonna try!

Dan & Nicole Saldivar said...

It looks great! It will make being in there to do laundry bearable.