Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sir Paul.

Last week Dan and I got to go see Paul McCartney in concert at Rio Tinto stadium. It was pretty dang awesome. Some of Dan’s family came with us and they are all BIG fans of Sir Paul. I grew up listening to the Beatles so I was pretty stoked too. Mr. McCartney did not disappoint. IMG_5825 IMG_5826 We planned to walk to Crown Burger to eat, but everyone else had the same idea and the line was way out the door. So we walked across the street to Quiznos which was closed (why is your sign up if you’re not open?). We ended up at 7-11 and they were not well stocked for the event. So I settled with a slurpee and got a burrito inside the concert.IMG_5827 Everyone at their scavenged 7-11 meals on the curb in the parking lot. Very classy.IMG_5829 IMG_5830 This cute old man worked at the scooter store in the parking lot where we were eating and he came over to flirt with Debbie and they rode off into the sunset together on his pink scooter. Marty just kept eating his 7-11 sandwich.IMG_5831 IMG_5841 We got pretty dang lucky with our seats and we ended up in “endzone” area on the easterly (yes easterly) side. We were out of the sun and only 3 rows up from the bottom. So even though Paul was still across the field from us, we were happy with our low-cost tickets.IMG_5832IMG_5842 Plus we had really good views of the crazy crazy CRAZY people on the floor level walking back and forth, dancing, singing and having spiritual experiences during the concert. Seriously.IMG_5833 I have never felt this way at a concert, where everyone is just beyond themselves with excitement. It was really amazing. There was a younger girl in front of us just singing her heart out, looking through her binoculars and bawling.

The people on either side of us never stopped dancing, singing, clapping and smiling (not to mention the mom didn’t shave her legs but that’s another story). And some hippies a few rows behind us stood up the entire time with their hands above their head having some sort of spiritual enlightenment.IMG_5857 This was my attempt at getting into the music. Of course I still had to stand up and sing and dance! (Dan wouldn’t let me get a shot of him like this…)IMG_5854 Paul had really awesome long, thick, flowy hair that just kept blowing around everywhere. It was wonderful.IMG_5858 IMG_5850 The show was so amazing and they even had fireworks above the stage (only a few burning embers fell into the crowd below). Paul sang for about 3 hours straight. No breaks, no intermission, just singing, dancing, playing several pianos and tons of different guitars. It was pretty awesome to see and just experience his amazing talents. I’m really glad we were able to go!IMG_5852


Kelsie said...

Hey I know that scooter guy! I bought a helmet from him and he gave me a free wallet! ha ha

Alicia said...

I am pretty jealous. What an experience... Lucky girl.

The Woodwards said...

How fun! We saw the fireworks as we were driving home--does that count for getting in the spirit? Ma and Pa Mitchell went too? That is quite the fun bunch!!