Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th of July

I have a lot of pictures in this post because I took a lot of cute ones so I'm just posting most of them! And I installed Windows 7 on my laptop and now Windows Live Writer won't work! Ughhhh so I'm working on getting it installed, but I have to use blogger to upload which pretty much sucks. So because of that, these pictures are in backwards order...oh well.Starting with Saturday night (because I'm going backwards here...) we went to the Hooper City fireworks with Jon and Julie. They were only a few minutes away from our house, we got a great view and they show was awesome! It worked out great! Cute family :) Wellyn had on his Lightning McQueen pajamas and also had his Cars sleeping bag. So cute.Jon was throwing Wellyn around before the fireworks and Wellyn seriously loves it.
Cutest child ever. I love this kid.
Yay for us being cute. Lovin' the fireworks.
Since we got our fire pit finished, we invited everyone over for a weenie/s'mores roast. It was pretty last minute, but everyone ended up coming and we had a ton of fun! We broke in the fire pit and it was great. The weather was amazing for July and we had a good time.Wellyn helped us put out the fire. He loved being a fireman for a few minutes.
We had some sparklers and Wellyn did a few and it looks like he was trying to take out Julie haha.
We don't have a fence between our backyard neighbors yet, and they don't mind if the kids play on their swingset and tramp. It is great for the kids!

Mia is the cutest thing ever. She has the chubbiest cheeks I've ever seen and she has such a little attitude. It is so funny to see her facial expressions and she always seems so annoyed when everyone tries to make her smile or laugh.

Ryan and Grandpa enjoying the fire.
Sarah loved the s'mores. This is the face she makes when you tell her to smile!
Dan is happiest with a s'more in each hand.

Ryan eats more than an adult man. He will eat anything and everything. He found a bag of chips that fell off the food table and he just sat down and cleaned them out. It's so funny to watch him always begging everyone for food and eating so much!
Dan and Everett having a good time.

Sarah ate tons of Doritos and I called her the orange monster. She loved it :)

We had tons of fun with everyone at our house and the fire pit was a success! We love it and Dan and I have had several fires already (we're roasting tonight too). Dan says he will be sitting by a roaring fire in the middle of winter, but I will probably retire the fire pit for the season at the end of fall!


Shell said...

Looks like you had tons of fun! I'm sad we didn't get to experience the pit this summer, but for sure next summer we will get some smores and dogs from your pit! You look gorgeous as usual! Miss you! p.s. did you know you can update blogger and the pictures now go in wherever you put them and it's not so silly to work with? Just to let you know.

Amanda said...

I love those pictures! We had so much fun. Thanks again.