Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ida hida ho (Idaho)

A lot of Dan’s family goes to his brother’s house in Idaho Falls over Memorial Day weekend. Only his parents and two brother’s were going this year and Dan had to work Saturday and Monday (LAME!). So we decided to just go up Saturday afternoon and come back Sunday night.

It was a quick trip, but it was still fun! We went to Big Judd’s because they always go there and I had never been! They have these GINORMOUS hamburgers and of course Dan and Mike had to each get their own and they cleaned their plates. The other 10 of us (6 adults and 4 kids) shared 2 burgers and that was plenty!

 IMG_5534 IMG_5533IMG_5535                                   Here is Dan with his sickkkkk burger. I’m not a burger person anyway so this blew my mind. But then again, I wasn’t at all surprised that Dan and Mike did it. I love Brigham’s face (above) while he’s watching Dan. You can tell he thinks his uncle is so awesome!IMG_5537 IMG_5539                                Lissie and I chillin’ at dinner.IMG_5546

Dan after finishing the burger. Below is the M v F sign the guy does on Man vs. food. I also did a news conference video (like on the show) with Dan after he finished.


Mike finished before Dan but he didn’t look so great either.


After dinner we got a “hungry heffer” to share. All this ice cream came in a dog bowl! And Dan and Mike still found room for some dessert!


Cute Lissie girl


On Sunday before church, we played a few rousing games of Uno.


Of course I love my nieces and nephews to death and I always take pics and play with them. The girls love me the most but I still have fun with the boys. Taylor is almost 2 and he was so stinkin’ sweet to me this weekend! He sat with me and watched Uno and he sat in my lap while I put on my makeup. He is so cute!



Look at those huge brown eyes! I love them!

IMG_5572 IMG_5574

Before church, the uncles (Mike, Dan and Joe) were putting the kids in these plastic buckets and crates and tying their legs together and stuff. Brigham looks pretty miserable here, but he was loving it. They left him on the back porch for awhile.

IMG_5578 IMG_5577 IMG_5576

Funny boys.


Amanda said...

Looks like you guys had a blast. We were sorry to miss it!

Price's Write said...

Sounds like a ton of fun as always. Where were the Gates of Hell?

Hailey Jones said...

don't know why i've been missing so much of your blog. but everything looks awesome. mostly the granola and your awesome yard. but also big judds and rachels wedding and the big race.

:) i love love your blog. seriously. it's the best. and your photos are awesome.