Friday, June 11, 2010

Hollar if you’re ready for some summer nights!

Things have been great for us lately. We’re busy busy and trying to get ready for the Wasatch Back race next week! Eek! I’m really getting excited but still kind of nervous! I hope I don’t keel over and die…I seriously might.

Anyway, I have a few pics of things we’ve been up to lately, but not a lot. My good friend Rachel got married last weekend and it was so beautiful! I’m so happy for her and even though he was really really sick (they got married 2.5 hours later than scheduled!) and things didn’t go exactly how she planned, it was still a gorgeous wedding and she looked amazing.IMG_5582

The luncheon was at Gardner Village and I LOVE that place! Her new husband mostly laid on a chair the whole time, but luckily he was doing better for the reception that night! It was at Noah’s which has the most AWESOME decor! I love the style and colors of everything there!

Rachel had all these super cute blue treats with the food and it looked so cool!IMG_5585  IMG_5586           There was dancing at the end of the reception and it was way fun. It was so great to be with some of my old high school friends and dance with them like we used to do so much!

I’m trying to get Thad to dance with me below, but he was terrified and wouldn’t let go of Shelley.IMG_5593 IMG_5596 IMG_5595

Thad sorta freaked out when Shelley took him to Brian so she could dance. Dan took these funny pics of him while we were dancing! He’s still such a cutie!IMG_5597

Getting our groove on on the dance floor! And Rachel looking gorgeous! It was such a fun night!IMG_5587 

Other than doing a lot of running to get ready for our race, we are just enjoying life and Dan is doing one summer school class and another one starts in a few weeks.

Dan has put a ton of work into our yard and it looks really great. I keep forgetting to take pictures of it so I will take some and post them soon! We still have to tackle the “pit” and make a fire pit in the backyard, but we have it all planned out and we will probably start on it next week! I still have to finish up my laundry room (it got put on hold for a bit because we were spending the moo-lah in the yard), and then start planning how to decorate and paint our bedroom and bathroom! Yay!


Derek and Bre said...

So I love that Rachel is doing that Peace sign in the picture. Haha just so her! That is fun that your yard is moving along, good luck. Houses are just too much work sometimes!

Shell said...

Love summer nights and I love Ray's wedding and my mess of a child! What a momma's boy! Your momma said he was fab for her, so I"m glad about that:) Love you and hope to see you soon!