Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finale party

In honor of the series finale of LOST, we had to have a viewing party! Shelley and Brian drove down from Logan with Thaddy pants and Dustin and Kaley came from Salt Lake. We have some more friends who love Lost, but they were either in Europe (2 couples! what the…), Alaska, or not caught up yet!

Anyway, I had to decorate and even though Dan acted like I was a crazy woman, he secretly loved it. I covered the front door in brown paper with the Dharma Initiative logo. We put lighted Tiki torches in front of the porch as well!


I sent a LOST invitation along with Oceanic 815 boarding passes for everyone. Dustin kindly laminated his :)


This was in our entry-way  right above the front door and it’s from the Dharma Initiative as well.


I put another Dharma logo on the pantry door.


This is supposed to be Charlie’s hand on the sub glass right before he died. This is our back door.

IMG_5509   IMG_5512

I had LOST posters in frames around the family room and kitchen as well as a few very realistic palm trees to make it feel more like a tropical island (hahahahah).


The food was delish and a big success. We had tons of fruit with fruit dip, airplane peanuts, Dharma initiative water, and roasted boar (aka pulled pork) and chips. We also had smoothies and yummy peanut butter bars after dinner.


I slaved (not really) on the pulled pork and it turned out amazing! I was a little nervous because I had never made it before so if it tanked, I was in trouble! But luckily the recipe was very clear and it was actually really easy and seriously soooo delicious! Everyone loved it and I will definitely make it again.

Check out the recipe and more pictures here.

perfect pulled pork recipe slow roasted seasoned savory cooking blog

Copy of IMG_5525

He is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Of course I left everyone inside to fend for themselves while I took him to the backyard to play on the neighbors’ swings for awhile.


Here are some sweet shots in front of the Dharma Initiative front door.

IMG_5530IMG_5526 IMG_5531 

Thad really wanted to be in the picture and I have no idea why I’m crouching weirdly. We love Lost (except Dan just loves to make fun of it but whatever).


Cute Thaddy pants watching his DVD on the floor while we watched Lost! We had a blast and love our friends for coming to our Lost party!


Shell said...

seriously the BEST Lost party ever! It was so much fun and I wish we all liked another series so we could do the same thing. We should all get together anyways, we are huge Waite fans:) Love ya and thanks for the awesome party!

Nicole said...

Haley, you should really consider being a party planner as a side job :) You seriously always have the best ideas, innvitations, decorations, etc. Next time I plan a party I'm asking you for your thoughts! I LOVE it!!

Diane and Colby Dimond said...

You should have invited GEORGE to the party. Chuck had me host a party too. We could have joined forces. Your food was better. I made up crap like "smoke monster dip" and lame-o food. I love how much you did for the party. SO cool!