Tuesday, August 12, 2008

California Trip!

Dan and I went with my mom to California last week to visit my family. My mom grew up in Stockton, California and my grandparents and all my family on that side still lives in Stockton and Lodi. We actually drove to Las Vegas then flew from Vegas to Stockton. It was a round-about trip, but it was a cheap flight and got us a little more time with the family. We had a great time seeing everyone and they could finally meet Danny! My cousin blessed his baby and it was so great to be there for that since we're usually not around for that kind of stuff. We also went to San Francisco with my aunt and uncle and had a blast. It was a great trip and a ton of fun!Getting off our plane in Stockton. It was a tiny airport so there was no runway or whatever, we just walked down a ramp off the plane!We went with my mom to some small mining towns called Jackson and Sutter Creek (where gold was first discovered). We found this cute Serbian church and got to go inside and see the guy painting these amazing frescoes on the walls. It was awesome!We stopped at a chocolate factory and I found this chocolate diet plan. Yum.This is in San Franscisco at the beach! Danny loves the ocean so of course he ran right out even though it was cold! He didn't pay attention and his pants got soaked! This is called Lombard Street in San Francisco and since the streets are so steep, they made this one curve. We drove down it and it was pretty fun and cool.

San Francisco! The Golden Gate Bridge

We got out and walked about halfway across the bridge. It was sunny and beautiful but still kind of chilly and really windy!

My mom's hair got a little windblown at the beach. I love this picture.
Does anyone recognize these houses?! It's from Full House! The opening part where they're sitting on the grass is at this park. Fun fun.
This is Chinatown. We wandered around and Dan found some candy and a drink that he loved on his mission.

At the end of the day, we went to Fisherman's wharf and had a delicious dinner. We had fresh fish and it was so good! Dan and I walked down to Pier 39 and saw all the seals on the dock.Here is a video of the seals at the pier. The newest baby in the family-Reilly Jonathan Green!
Here is our family after the baby blessing. Uncle Keith and Aunt Karen (my mom's brother and his wife).
Us with my cousin Kallie and her husband Aaron. This is such a precious picture of my gramps with his great-grandsons, Reilly and Jacob.


Julie said...

I love San Francisco-especially Lombard Street. Did you get any clam chowder? For some reason it tastes extra yummy on the wharf. glad you guys had fun!

Lanea Sampson said...

Hays-thanks for letting me tag along. It was sooo fun to see everyone again and they all LOVE Danny Boy! But, what's not to love?

The Fauxes said...

Looks like tons of fun! I love San Fran. My sophomore year dance co tour was there and we "performed" on the sidewalk at the entrance to the pier... no one was watching, we had awful homemade costumes, and we were all giggling the whole time...what a waste of time!

Derek and Bre said...

You took so many great pictures! It looks like you had a great time!