Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mini Golf and the Preston Rodeo

So there is this fun place called the "Logan Celebration Center" and it's basically like a tiny Lagoon. But they have some really big really fun looking rides and they're cheap. They have a skycoaster type thing where you "fly" over the park, and a straight drop ride, and a sling shot swing and a bunch of other cool stuff. The rides are pretty sweet. Anyway, we went to go ride one of them and play mini golf. We were all pumped, but the sling shot swing was broken! Dangit, we were really bummed. But we're going to go another time. We played mini golf and had a fun time. Well, I had fun. Dan doesn't like to lose, and I killed him at mini golf. Hopefully he still loves me. :)Saturday we went with Shelley and Brian to the "Famous Preston Night Rodeo". For all of you who don't know, Preston, Idaho is where Napoleon Dynamite was filmed and it's a small town near Logan. Mostly farmers live there and they have this big rodeo every year. We went and had a blast. We ate at a pizza place and watched the parade outside, then went to the rodeo.
Dan and Brian watching the parade. Me and Shell watching the parade. Our cute rodeo outfits.
Shelley and I at the rodeo.
These sheep are hilarious. They had mutton bustin' where little kids rode the sheep and it was so funny. The sheep run around in a group and as soon as they see another one, they all run up to it so it's in the group. The sheep are all panicked until they get in the group. It's weird.


Julie said...

Mutton bustin is my favorite rodeo sport, in fact Jon wants Wellyn to do it when he gets bigger but that just seems too country for me:)

Wendy said...

I miss Logan in the summer! I love all the pics and your little home is so cute! Haley, I just saw your post about SYTYCD and got so happy! Even though we're all still in depression about Chelsie:( I love all those dances too!

Lanea Sampson said...

Hays-I'm surprised you didn't tell everyone YOU were the "mutton-bustin" champ when you were little. That was sooooo funny! Looks fun-I can't believe my "city slicker" owns a cowboy shirt (even if it is from DI:) )

The Fauxes said...

Hey Haley! I was just blog surfing (I know - it's embarrassing) and I found you!