Monday, July 14, 2008

Miss Universe Pageant

So I just had to write something about this. We were watching the Miss Universe Pageant last night. Miss USA made it to the top 10 and she was doing the evening gown part and she came out and biffed it! She fell right on her butt. It was really sad but really funny. It was just one of those things that you don't expect at all and after it happened, we couldn't stop laughing. So here is the video of Miss USA falling:

So when I was looking for that video, I discovered that THE SAME THING HAPPENED LAST YEAR! No joke. Miss USA fell in the Miss Universe pageant during the evening gown competition! Can you believe it?! What are the odds? That is just outrageous to me and so hilariously awesome. Here is the video from last year:

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Derek and Bre said...

We were watching it too! but really weird that it happened to years in a row. USA is cursed. I was going to be in the miss universe pageant but I decided not to just for that reason!