Friday, July 18, 2008

Kitchen Chairs!

Who knew that kitchen chairs could make a girl so happy? Not me. Anyway, we haven't had kitchen chairs for the past 2 months. We've been using a desk chair and a camp chair. Very nice. We got a nice table from my mom and just haven't bought chairs yet. We finally found some last night! They're so dang cute and I just love them. My mom wanted to see some pics so I figured I'd post them and some apartment pics up here!

Cute little chairs. I love them. :) Here is the office, where I sit most of the day.


The Steeds said...

Very, very cute! I really love the chairs. I also really like your bedding. You chose wisely. And I am still bitter that I was never given the option to buy bedding. I'm stuck with a plaid quilt that we tied. :)

Teresa said...

Love the apartment and chairs! Very cute!! :)