Friday, January 3, 2014


We had a fun and busy December! With work Christmas parties, family parties, and Owen’s birthday, it was crazy but very fun! Owen finally got two teeth and he wasn’t feeling 100% but still did really well. One day I turned on Baby Einstein for him (which he loves) and gave him his blanket and binky. He didn’t move a muscle for probably 30 minutes and was all cuddled up in his blanket! It was the sweetest thing ever!


We had the annual Hill Family Progressive dinner and it was a success. We started in Draper at Mike and Hailey’s new house for appetizers, then went to Dave and Amanda’s for salad.


Everything was going so well and we left to head to Jon and Julie’s house about an hour away in West Haven. Around 33rd south, we hit tons of traffic on I-15 and it was stop and go. I started feeling a little carsick (pretty common for me), then I looked back at Owen and realized he was barfing everywhere. Worst nightmare. We had given him a bunch of this yogurt/cool whip/raspberry salad stuff and it was everywhere. He was crying and disgusting and I was on the verge of barfing myself. Dan was trying to get off the freeway, which wasn’t easy when we were in the carpool lane and there were tons of cars. It was a pretty terrible experience. We finally got off and went to McDonalds and got Owen somewhat cleaned up. He was left in his stained pink white onesie. We gave him some water and got back on the road. Then he barfed again. Mostly water, but still horrible. He was not happy and we still had 30 minutes to get home, so I crawled in back with him and tried to console him while Dan got us home. Once we got home and cleaned up, he was happy. We missed soup at Jon and Julie’s house, but everyone came to our house for dessert so things ended well!


I failed to mention that the Progressive Dinner was the first time we used Owen’s new car seat with him facing forward. He loved it and looked so big! He broke it in by puking all over it.  The picture below was before The Barf Incident.


Church is really hard with a little one. It is from 9-12 and he usually naps from 10-11:30. So he does well until about 11. I teach the 10-11 year olds and there are tons of girls in my class. They adore Owen and fight over holding and playing with him. They were passing him around and he was really tired but just fine with it. As soon as Emily held him, he fell right asleep on her! He never sleeps on us so it was extra adorable. He slept for about 30 minutes in her arms although I was slightly jealous, I loved it!


We had a family trip to see the lights at Temple Square. It was pretty frigid, but we bundled up the babe and he did great! My mom, sister, Andrew and grandma joined us too! We had dinner at Crown Burger (yessss) then checked out the lights.


Owen was pretty much in awe the whole time and loved all the lights. He did awesome and didn’t fuss or cry at all.


He rode around on Dan’s shoulders for most of the night and loved it.


We warmed up in the Joseph Smith building and he crawled around everywhere, just checking things out. He started climbing the steps here and it was the first time he had done it! Now he a pro at stairs (going up at least).


We celebrated Owen’s first birthday on the 23rd and it was lots of fun. As you can see, he loved his presents and his chair from Grandma and Grandpa Hill. He is definitely not a baby anymore- he looks like a little boy now!


Enjoying all his birthday loot. We gave him some maracas, a little people airplane, and some mega bloks. I think Dan and I had more fun with the blocks than he did…



I felt kind of bad because after we opened presents and had dinner, we got Owen ready for bed and then Dan and I left to meet his siblings, spouses and his parents for dinner at Rodizio to celebrate my mother in law’s birthday. Her 60th birthday was on the 24th so we all got together and had a great dinner. Luckily Owen went to bed right after we left so I think he forgives us. Dinner was awesome and I loved getting together with just adults. We never get to do that and it was really nice.


Of course, we had Christmas and New Year’s but I am going to do another post about that! December was a busy and fun month. I was able to take the last two weeks of the year off, which was amazing. I had to start working again yesterday and it was pretty rough to get back to working full time. Being able to work from home has a lot of advantages and I’m so glad I can be with Owen, but it is not easy juggling home, work, and a busy one year old! Luckily I have a great partner in crime who helps me manage the craziness and takes care of Owen and I!

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Shell said...

Love all these pictures! That first one is to die for. I love when their busy bodies hold still for a bit. Love you all!