Friday, December 27, 2013

Owen’s First Birthday Party

Well our little man is one and we had a great party for him on Saturday, December 21st. We did a Polar Express theme and it was really fun! Owen_Bday (2)

I made this cute banner and hung it in the entry way so everyone saw it when they walked in. Our house was already decorated with Christmas stuff so that worked out.


Most of our families were able to make it, so there were 13 kids (5 were missing), and about 10 adults. It was pretty crazy but always fun. Grandma Hill read the Polar Express book to the kids and most of them sat still and listened, including Owen. He growled at the picture of the wolves. Cutest.


Danny handed out silver bells to all the kids after the story and they were a huge hit.


Mia was making sure she could hear the bell.


We sang Happy Birthday to Owen and he tried to touch his candle. He wasn’t sure what was going on and seemed a little nervous that everyone was singing loud and watching him, but he did great and didn’t cry or get upset. P.S. Dan has a huge beard. Luckily I still love him and think he looks great with or without the beard.


I tried to make Owen wear this cute birthday hat I made him but he wasn’t having it. Obviously.


He wasn’t very interested in the cupcake and as soon as he touched the frosting, he didn’t want to eat any. But when I fed it to him on a spoon, he ate most of it. Silly kid.



The treat table! I made cupcakes and cute toppers for them. We had a hot chocolate bar with toppings and we also had a few different cookies and some veggies.



Cutest picture of my mom and Owen!



Everyone really enjoyed the treats! Brioney needs to teach Owen how to eat treats. Wild child.


My cute sissy just loves Owen and is the best auntie ever. She took most of these great pictures from the party!


I have been taking a picture of Owen every week in a white onesie and I photoshopped the week onto it. We displayed all the weekly photos on the fridge and it was so fun to see how much he changed and all the adorable pictures we took through the weeks.


After dessert we opened presents with the help of some cousins. Owen got lots of fun gifts and he was really happy with all of them!


He got a rocking chair from Grandma and Grandpa Hill and started rocking as soon as we sat him in it. He loved it! We turned on the Polar Express movie for the kids and just relaxed. Owen finally got a nap and he was a happy camper. We sure love this little guy and can’t wait for another year with him! Some people get sad thinking about not having their baby anymore, and while I love remembering those sweet times, I am so excited to watch Owen grow up and see him learn and change and get bigger. Being a mom is the best and Owen has brought us (and our families) more joy in the past year than we ever could have imagined!


Lanea Sampson said...

CUTE party, CUTE pictures and CUTE 1 year old!!

Nicole S. said...

So fun and such a fun theme! I love watching Jack learn new things and I feel like each stage I've said is my favorite :)

I hope we can get together soon!!

Brian said...

Looks like it turned out perfect! What a fun theme and cute boy you have! Yay for one year, Owen!

Brian said...

And by Brian, it should say Shelley

Woodward Family said...

How awesome of a party! And I love how all the kids were in their PJs! Good job guys. He's growing so big--crazy how time flies!