Wednesday, January 4, 2012

hello beach.


In less than 2 months we are headed to the Caribbean to visit beautiful Puerto Rico! I absolutely cannot wait and it will be such a fun trip! We have been talking about going back to the Caribbean since our cruise last year so now we are doing it!


There are TONS of gorgeous beaches in Puerto Rico and hopefully we can find some quiet places to relax and enjoy the sun! The high in March is 87 and the low is 69. I think we can handle that. We are staying on the East side of the island for 4 nights in a a sweet hotel RIGHT on the beach. See the pic below…that was taken from our hotel! Then we are staying the last 3 nights on the West side of the island.

460220132_298df817c8_zThere is also this awesome place called Bio Bay with this crazy glowing water because of the flagellates in the water that glow. Apparently it is life changing and amazing…unfortunately there are no tours for EXACTLY the 7 days we are there because a full moon prevents the water from glowing. Just our luck…

We want to visit the rainforest and maybe do a zipline adventure.

zipline-aventurasimage I’m sure we will do some kayaking and a lot of snorkeling!

kayak There are also some awesome smaller islands off of Puerto Rico that we want to hit up as well.

PalominoIsland_aerialDan wants to surf and the West side of the island is world famous for the surfing (although the waves may be a bit much for us!). He might take lessons or just rent a surfboard and play around. I get nervous around big waves but I might be adventurous and try it! I know I will be soaking up the sun and snorkeling whenever I can!355657 We love taking trips together and it is great to rejuvenate and spend time together. We always have a blast together and it’s great for our relationship! Taking trips together is a priority for us and hopefully we can continue to have adventures in the future!

Now….who wants to come with us?!


Amanda said...

Sign us up! Oh wait . . . we have five little reasons to stay. But you guys have a great time and we will think of you and wish we were there!

Ben and Becky said...

We do!

Taryn said...

We are going on a cruise that ports out of San Juan in March and are looking to stay an extra night there. Where are you guys staying?

Haley Hill said...

Taryn-we're staying in Luquillo at the Yunque Mar hotel the first 4 nights and in Rincon at a condo we found on vrbo the last 3 nights. Luquillo is closest to San Juan but not sure how close. Here is the hotel site: I found it on tripadvisor and from everything I read and saw, it looks like a budget hotel that is right on the beach. Reviews said it was clean and a great location, but simple and not luxurious. I think it will work great for us since we're not staying there much and just want to enjoy the beach and sun! Here are the reviews:

Let me know if you need any more info!

Steve and Chelsea said...

How fun!!! I'm super jealous :)