Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Activities


We had a lot of fun Christmas activities over the past few weeks. We had our annual progressive family dinner. This year was a little different because Ben and Becky are in Mongolia so we went to Mike and Hailey’s apartment instead. We start at Jon and Julie’s house for appetizers where we had a sit up competition to warm up. Not sure how that started, but it was funny to watch the kids and Dan and his brothers do as many sit ups as they could in one minute.

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Just a warning, most of my pictures are edited a lot in picasa because I was playing around with their newer editing options.

We moved to our house for salad. I made the creamy dressing from Café Rio and it was a hit. It was really delicious if I don’t say so myself!

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I love cute little Sarah peeking over the chair while I’m taking the picture above. She is such a doll. Below is Ryan devouring his salad. He is always eating something.

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Wellyn loving on Matt! He loves to love Matthew.

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Everyone enjoying salad and chips at our house. P.S. I love our new floors with the white island!

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We went to Mike and Hailey’s house for homemade pizza! It was super yummy.

Salt Lake City-20111210-00158

We skyped with Ben and Becky and the girls so it was fun to have them around too. The little kids are obsessed with saying hi to them on the laptop or Ipad. They get closer and closer to the screen until they are touching it. It’s pretty funny.

Salt Lake City-20111210-00152Salt Lake City-20111210-00153

Dan and I went with Steph and Andrew to the Jazz scrimmage and then to see the lights at Temple Square.

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The lights were amazing as always, and it was surprisingly warm!

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On the 23rd, we had Jon and Julie and their boys over to our house to frost sugar cookies. I was really impressed with how well they did, especially Wellyn. He helped me roll the dough, cut the cookies and he frosted a ton of cookies too. Everett really loved putting on the sprinkles and eating the frosting and dough!

455 - Copy457 - Copy

The cookies turned out really delicious and it was a lot of fun!

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I love these adorable boys.

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On Christmas Eve, we had a huge lunch at Jon and Julie’s with the missionaries. Julie did a great job on turkey, potatoes, stuffing, rolls, etc. It was awesome!


The boys love playing with Uncle Danny and he throws them up in the air and onto the couches. They will beg him to play and he usually does it for a long time!

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The boys had fun sliding down the stairs and just showing off for us. They are so fun to play with and it’s adorable to watch them together. Everett copies EVERYTHING Wellyn does and is just his little shadow. They are sweethearts and I’m so excited for them to have a new baby join their family in the summer! Yay!466 - Copy

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The Millers said...

Merry Christmas Hay! I am glad it was good.
Some things I love...
-yes your floor and look with the island. seriously awesome.
-your brown hair looks great
-how much you love your nieces and nephews, they are lucky to have such an awesome aunt.