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Every year, we go with Dan’s family to Yellowstone and his family has ALWAYS rented a teensy tiny cabin. It’s fun, but very crowded. Last year was pretty rough with all 29 of us and a few newborns! This year, his parents were great enough to rent a big cabin that fit our huge family much better. It was really nice to have a washer and dryer, multiple bathrooms, and 2 kitchens!

We stayed in Idaho Falls on Friday night at Mark & Carrie’s house. Then we all drove the rest of the way to the cabin in Island Park. Lissie, Alex and Brigham squeezed into our car and we had a good time on the drive up to Island Park.


This is a good picture of the great room in the cabin. There was a lot of room for all of us and with 13 kids age 9 and under, we needed a lot of room! The mosquitoes were absolutely horrible this year with all the water so we didn’t spend much time outside at all and we spent a lot of time killing mosquitoes in the house and reapplying bug spray!


The kids had fun eating on the deck even though the mosquitoes were swarming!


Dan and Ben posing with their nurf guns…the boys had some fun shooting each other and getting nurf darts everywhere.DSC01217

We were quite the caravan while we drove around Yellowstone. 5 vehicles and tons of people…we took over everywhere we went but it was a blast! This was at lunch in Mammoth and the kids were enjoying their sandwiches on the grass. There are still 5 other grandkids not in this picture! Mia, Katelyn, Emmy, Lissie, Sarah, Wellyn, Addy and Brigham. Love these kids.

DSC01293     Lissie, Ryan and Emmy checking out the geysers and hot pots.DSC01220


Wellyn absolutely adores Addy and this picture proves it! He follows her around everywhere and just loves her. It’s really cute. Mia is showing me her blue tongue from eating an airhead!

1  Dan and I chillin’ with Everett while we were waiting for Old Faithful to start. He loves his Lightning McQueen jammies so much he wouldn’t let Julie change his shirt! So he wore it all day. This is a funny picture of him too, he’s a sweetheart.  DSC01229 - Copy DSC01239

Grandpa and Everett. Marty loves his family and especially his grandkids so much and they love him! He spoils them and is so sweet with them. The little boys especially love him and are always asking for Papa! Everett is also helping Amanda push Ryan in the stroller.


The fam set up for lunch near Old Faithful and grandpa handed out treats and ice cream sandwiches.      DSC01246 3 Enjoying the rocking chairs with ice cream sandwiches. I love Everett’s blue eyes and chocolately face!


DSC01265      I’m such a lucky girl…I seriously love this boy!

DSC01270 DSC01274  Addy showing off her cute sunglasses. Brigham was the only injury of the week and he sliced his shin open on one of the bedrames. Carrie had to take him to Idaho Falls and he ended up with 16 stitches! But he was back the next morning and ready to rock. What a stud.

4 DSC01279

Dan with the newest member of the family (Matt). Dan was making him laugh really hard and it was so cute!

DSC01283 Dan and I had to leave on Wednesday evening because he had to work on Thursday. But we had a blast with the family and enjoyed the cooler weather and just being outdoors in Yellowstone! We already have plans to go back with just the two of us over Labor Day to celebrate Dan’s graduation. He loves it up there and dreams about having cabin there someday!

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