Friday, July 22, 2011



I have a lot of catch up to do…we had a fun 4th of July, we went to Yellowstone with the ENTIRE (29 people) family, and I have been finishing some projects I need to show everyone! But here are some pics of our 4th of July weekend.

Dan and I wanted to do something on the 2nd, but didn’t know what to do so we found out West Haven was having “West Haven Days” so we went on over there to check things out. It ended up being awesomely awesome with loads of crazy redneck/white trash people roaming around, and we had a blast! We love living in the “country” (at least it’s country to us), and some of the people really make it interesting! We at some gyros and watched a FREE rodeo! It was a really good rodeo too and we ended up staying for a good fireworks show at the end and meeting up with Jon and Julie.


On Sunday, we had our usual fast Sunday dinner at Dan’s parents house but we stayed late and did fireworks. We ended up getting into a HUGE water fight and we all got pretty soaked. It was really fun and felt great since it was soooo hot, but none of us had dry clothes to wear. Luckily, Debbie came through with her incredible Mumu collection and we all borrowed one for the evening.


I think we ended up liking them a little too much and all of us kept them on the whole night! It was freaking out our husbands a little because they kept thinking each of us was Debbie. Sweet.


Let’s play “Find Julie!” She is blending into the quilt…amazing camouflage in her Mumu.


I have a lot of cutie cute pictures of Mia. She loves to make this angry face and does it a lot, but she’s really a sweetheart and smiles and laughs a lot.

DSC01211 - CopyDSC01196

Mia’s popsicle face and Addy with her sparkler.


Grandma and Grandpa with Mia enjoying the fireworks show. Dan and Jon bought TONS of fireworks and had a little too much fun with the new laws about aerial fireworks. But it was great and we loved it.

DSC01198 - CopyDSC01195

These last two pictures are the epitome of summertime for me. My adorable niece and nephew (Everett and Mia), barefoot, eating popsicles. Seriously so precious.


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The Millers said...

The mumus are so funny. I love that you all wore them!! Your hair is getting long! It looks great! I miss you!