Tuesday, May 3, 2011

East coast part 2


Dan and I went to the Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Building) and it was awesome! We loved it and we could see downtown NYC on one side and Central Park on the other. I don’t think it’s quite as high as the Empire State Building, but we didn’t have to wait at all and the views were amazing. I highly recommend it.


DSC00937DSC00920 - Copy

Central Park behind us.

DSC00926After Top of the Rock, we got on the train and went back to Shelley and Brian’s. We got back in time for a yummy dinner, ice cream and a movie.



On our second day in the city (Saturday), we were going to go with Shelley, Brian and Thad. But we woke up Saturday and Shelley had been really sick all night and was still sick! It was awful and I was selfishly sad because I wanted to hang out with her! But luckily she got better during the day and no one else got sick either. So Dan and I took the train again into the city and it wasn’t cold, but it was pouring rain!

DSC00954 - Copy

We took the subway to Chinatown and did some browsing along Canal Street. There wasn’t a lot of people because of the rain but we didn’t mind it. We didn’t buy anything until later so we wouldn’t have to carry it around with us all day. We ate lunch at a tiny restaurant in Chinatown because Dan wanted to eat duck. Weird but he did and later regretted it…my lunch was good though and we ventured back into the rain and walked down to Battery Park, Ground Zero, and saw Wall Street.


We checked out the Statue of Liberty from the benches in Battery Park, but the weather wasn’t so great so we decided against taking the boat to see it. Dan talked to some shady characters selling fake Rolex watches, but they weren’t cheap enough for him so we didn’t buy any.


We walked back to Canal Street and it was packed because the rain cleared up and it was Easter weekend. I loaded up on cute purses (for myself and a few others), scarves, etc. All Dan got was a shot glass, poor kid. He just doesn’t like to spend money so I spent it for him! Woo hoo! We were going to try to get tickets to a Broadway show, but it just didn’t work out this time (I’m sure I’ll go back to visit soon), so we didn’t see a show. There were TONS of people in Times Square and everywhere while we walked back to the train.


We ate a yummy dinner at a restaurant in Grand Central station and caught the train back to Shelley’s house. We got on the train really early, so we had a little fun with the camera.


We also got some cupcakes from Magnolia’s Bakery in Grand Central and they were delish!



Alicia said...

Oh... this makes me want to go back to NYC soooooooooo badly. I loved the "top of the Rock" also.

Diane and Colby Dimond said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun. How do you look so cute in a baseball cap? You are one lucky girl. :)

ShaNae said...

I loved top of the rock as well. There were way too many people on the empire state building that made the rock so enjoyable. Looks like so much fun!