Friday, April 29, 2011

Back East Part 1


We are back from our awesome trip to Connecticut and New York. We had a great time visiting the Monsen’s and enjoying New York City. I’m breaking this post up into a few posts since I have a lot of pictures and if you don’t like reading what we did each day, then skip to the pictures!


We took a red eye flight and got to JFK at 6am and Brian picked us up and we went to their house and visited for awhile then we took a nap for a few hours. We picked up Brian from work and went to lunch at Stew Leonard’s. It was a really neat store that was huge and had tons of different food and groceries (I bought some shrimp and scallops!)

DSC00846Thad was terrified of this big fake cow that kept mooing and it was pretty funny. We ate fish and chips and burgers then went back to their house to hang out and play with Thad. Brian got home and we went to eat at a place called Jordan’s where we had Greek pizza and a delicious salad!


The next day we took the train into NYC (it was about 1 hour). Of course I slept the entire way there! As we started walking, we came across H&M! I love this place and we had to walk around even though I didn’t buy anything. I shopped here when I lived in Holland and they had H&M all over Europe. They are building one at Fashion Place Mall soon yay!DSC00853

We walked a TON and even though it was sunny, it was freezing! The wind was blowing and we were all bundled up but we still enjoyed the city. We walked through Times Square and took a few pics.

DSC00863 - Copy



We walked all the way to the Met and Dan agreed to come even though museums are definitely not his thing. We only spent a few hours there, but I enjoyed it.


Above: On the steps of the Met. Below; A sweet piece of art which totally distorted our vision and seriously made me sick to look at!



After the Met, we walked through Central Park and enjoyed the gorgeous Spring blossoms (even though it didn’t feel like Spring). Below: The Plaza Hotel with tulips outside.



DSC00874 - Copy

DSC00891We stopped at the Dakota Building where John Lennon was shot. Last time I was here in high school, we saw Yoko Ohno outside here!


The Park was really pretty and it’s so BIG!


After Central Park, we took a cab to Rockefeller Plaza. It was so worth the cab fare because it would have taken forever to get there and my feet were killing me! They had all this cute Easter stuff and flowers at Rockefeller Plaza.


We bought tickets to go to the Top of the Rock and went to get some pizza before we went up. We just ate at a random small place but it was yummy!


More to come soon….


Nicole said...

I already want to go back. Looks like you had a great time. Can't wait to read more :)

Woodward Family said...

Oh how much fun! We went last year and are wanting to go back again! It looks like you guys had a blast!