Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This past weekend we went to Vegas for Dan to run the Ragnar Race with his family. We left on Thursday afternoon and came back Sunday night.


Thursday night we stayed on a houseboat on Lake Mead with the whole group. It was really fun and the boat was really great! There was 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, family room, and a huge rooftop deck with a kitchenette. There was a slide off the back as well.

IMG_6092                                               Dan and the people in his van got up early to run on Friday morning and the rest of us (supporters and people in van 2) got to chill on the houseboat that morning/afternoon. I’m really good at sleeping and I fall asleep a lot and I managed to fall asleep on the chair in the middle of the mayhem. Someone took my camera and took some pics! Enjoy the butt view…                                                                                        IMG_6067                                      

Jon and Julie before they started running (that’s why they were so happy!)

IMG_6068           Katie just chillin’ and probably thinking our family is out of control (she is Dan’s cousin Travis’s girlfriend).IMG_6069                                              Debbie and Marty relaxing on the boat.IMG_6070             Mia was the only child that came and she was a doll. She had burnt her little hand a few days before so she had a bandage on it. But she was loving crawling back and forth in the doorway.Mia

After Dan got back from his first run, the boys (obviously) wanted to get in the water. They had a blast sliding down the slide into the water and the weather was really good! 


  I love how happy he is when he can play in the water…he’s like a cute little kid and it’s awesome :)IMG_6075                     Mike going in headfirst..IMG_6081IMG_6082IMG_6078              Katie, Travis, Joe and Debbie watching them swim.IMG_6074                                            Going down the slide doing a “torpedo”.IMG_6085IMG_6083                                                  This is Dan’s super sexy outfit that he ran in. The whole team had matching eye-scorching nike shirts and he wanted to rock some short running shorts so he found these at D.I. I wanted him to wear them without the under shorts…


On Friday we checked in to the M Resort at the very south end of the strip. Dan’s uncle got us a sweet deal and it was an awesome hotel! It was really gorgeous and nice inside and I loved it!M-Resort-Building-Daytime - Copy                I had the room to myself on Friday night. Dan and Jon and Julie and Becky came in and out at different times in the middle of the night but I slept right through it thanks to my sweet sleeping skills.img_4163-525x393                  I got to enjoy this lovely bathtub and I even watched TV in the tub because there was a built in TV behind the mirror! Awesome! There is also a nice view into the bathroom from the tub, but they had automatic privacy shades that you could lower.IMG_4678-533x800-333x500                                             The bathroom had double sinks, marble countertops (see the black TV?!) and a huge tile shower with a bench and a separate room for the toilet. Loved it! I even took my sweet time getting ready Saturday morning and did my makeup on the stool using the make up mirror. Something I never do at home :)img_4167-525x393               The beds were amazingly comfortable and there was a 42” plasma in the room as well. My only complaint when I’ve stayed in nice hotels is that they make you pay for Internet and breakfast! Lame! This one also had a fridge but it was only for use of their expensive drinks and stuff. That is definitely annoying.4239475036_e839b92810                 I went to see the team meet up at the finish line and they all ran in together with Tyson as he finished. They were easy to spot in their awesome glowing shirts!         IMG_6093IMG_6094

Team AnniHILLators crossing the finish line!


IMG_6102IMG_6098           Team photos…did I feel left out because I didn’t run this race? Nope. I was freshly showered and got a nice long nights sleep :)IMG_6101

What a hunk!      


IMG_6108                                        Below are the team members who also ran the Wasatch Back in June. If you run both races you get a special medal for “Saints and Sinners”. They also got a general medal for running two ragnar races in one year. Good work!IMG_6107

I love this boy.IMG_6103

So after the race, we went back and everyone cleaned up and rested a little and then we hit up the hotel buffet…holy smokes it was amazing (and good thing because it was 30 bones a person! But worth it for sure!)

buffet3 - Copy               We were about ready to riot by the time we got in because we were so starving and had been waiting in line for about an hour. But luckily it didn’t disappoint!tinamartini             This lovely lady kept us company on the TV screens while waiting in line. I kind of wanted to punch her because she was so excitedly showing us all the delicious food on the other side of the wall while we waited and waited and waited…4895642945_29aa40c898

I absolutely love seafood and this buffet included seafood so I about died when I saw the mountains of cold shrimp! It was sooo goooood! I also had Mahi Mahi, clam chowder, sushi and a lot more. The pastas and vegetables were awesome too.4895642401_5e69354990

I’m not much of a meat eater, but Dan was definitely in heaven with the tri-tip and all kinds of meat and steaks.

4895641347_728f5bb60c            They had so much to choose from including a huge soup and salad section, pastas, fruits, Chinese food, pizza and more! It was amazing and everything tasted so good.4896235686_a10689d5e94896239582_a2579bcc6b             Dan hit up the crab legs and he was a very happy boy. Buffets are good for boys that eat a lot. Mike (Dan’s brother) looked so happy when I walked by him with his towering plate full of food.IMG_61094070711546_4affc40f42              We saved the best for last and checked out the dessert section. It didn’t disappoint and there were tons of cookies, cakes, fruit tarts, eclaires, brownies and….img_4187 GELATO! YUMMMMM. There were so many different flavors and we could eat as much as we wanted! I was pretty full at that point, but this was lovely. The dessert was definitely my favorite (hello? how is it not?!)IMG_6111                I forgot to mention the “oreo shooters” with pudding and oreos. There was also creme brulee, tiramisu, and some kind of marshmallowy chocolatey thing thats was good too!img_69321            This guy ate like a horse. I’m not surprised because he’s a big guy and guys in general eat a lot but holy smokes! He had 3 HEAPING plates of crab legs and Julie and I were in awe of the speed that he managed to go through them. It was amazing!IMG_6110

The buffet was a great way to finish the weekend and especially great for the runners to refuel (I have no excuse for the amount of food I ate…).

Vegas was really fun and it was especially great to watch the team run and enjoy time with everyone!

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Dan & Nicole Saldivar said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! I probably would have wanted to punch that lady too....when I'm hungry you don't mess with me...just ask my husband. haha

Thanks for your comment on my post. It made me laugh! Just goes to show that everyone really is different. I'm sure your nieces and nephews love having you as their aunt!!