Thursday, October 21, 2010


Friday night we babysat Wellyn and Everett and we had tons of fun of course. These boys are so stinkin’ darling and Wellyn says the funniest things. We painted pumpkins and I was distracted so I didn’t get many pics but it was fun.

IMG_6061  IMG_6062

Everett looks a little traumatized but I think it’s because I was in the middle of feeding him and he was just trying to figure out why I would stop to take a picture! We watched How to Train Your Dragon after and it was so cute! It is exhausting taking care of two little ones, but it’s so fun and I can’t wait to have a family of my own some day! I got to cuddle with Wellyn in bed and read some stories and then get all the “scaries” out of his room. It was great.


When I got home from work on Wednesday, I sprinted upstairs to change in to my sweats (as usual). Dan awkwardly followed me and was standing in the hallway outside the bedroom just staring at the window. I had no idea why he would leave the TV just while I changed, but then I went into our bathroom and he had painted it! ALL OF IT! I was in shock and so so so happy! He painted our whole master bathroom in just a few hours just to surprise me because it has been driving me bananas!


Our bathroom is awesome and I love the double sicks and big tub, but the colors were AWFUL. You can’t tell in these pics, but whoever painted it, did the worst job, didn’t sand or putty and didn’t even do the trim so the paint stopped 1 inch from the ceiling! What the….

One and a half walls were a nasty red color, and the area by the tub was greenish and the rest of it was white! Are you kidding me?! But Dan painted it the same light gray we used in our bedroom and it looks amazing now!



I will post some after pics soon…I haven’t done anything and we still need to do some touch ups, but at least it’s painted and now I can work on finishing up the master bedroom and working on the master bathroom! Why did I get such an awesome husband? Lucky me….

This afternoon we leave for this place…

Las Vegas2

Dan is running in the Ragnar Las Vegas race with a bunch of his family members. I decided to sit this out but I’m still signed up to run the Wasatch Back next year! So I plan on doing some relaxing by the pool, some shopping and of course supporting the team in the race!

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The Steeds said...

How sweet! You really did luck out on a great hubby. Have fun in Vegas. Good luck, Dan the Man.