Thursday, May 6, 2010

Disneyland Part Uno

I have a lot of different things to post about so I’ll start with Disneyland part 1. We had a blast in Disneyland and it was a great get away.

Dan’s family is kinda crazy and we left Tuesday night and drove through the night then went to Disneyland on Wednesday! But luckily I slept a lot in the car and we took it easy with a nap and stuff on Wednesday.IMG_5410            Here we are on the Jungle Cruise. Dan and I went with his parents, his brothers Joe and Mike, and his brother David’s family (Katelyn, Emily, Sarah and Ryan). I’m absolutely in love with my nieces and nephews and so I had tons of fun playing with them and going on the rides with them. I kind of abandoned Dan for the most part, but he is like a child himself so he didn’t care as long as he got to ride the rides!IMG_5411          99% of the pictures I took of Sarah (on the bottom left) were exactly like this. This is the face she made when we said, “Smile!”. So cute.IMG_5412 IMG_5417     Riding the teacups! Mike’s cup was the spinning cup so Amanda and I took the little ones on a different teacup so we didn’t get sick!IMG_5418IMG_5416                  I look like a sickie in this picture, but I still posted it because the girls are so freakin’ cute.IMG_5421                                                   I was really happy to be going on the Tower of Terror!

IMG_5413                                 This is not someone in our family but it was so flippin’ funny. This is the big water ball thing at Disneyland. Kids are obsessed with playing with it and we were waiting for our family to get off a ride and this kid just stood there with his tongue on the ball forever! It was so hilarious and so gross!IMG_5419    IMG_5427 Enjoying the delicious frozen bananas! We also enjoyed numerous churros and caramel popcorn!IMG_5435 IMG_5437IMG_5423          Grandma and Grandpa with the kids and Goofy!IMG_5425                On the Merry-Go-Round with Sarah and Ryan. They loved it so much they went about 5 times in a row while the adults switched off going on the roller coaster.IMG_5424                                             We had the greatest time at Disneyland with the family and the kids make everything more interesting! We took a million potty breaks and we were always chasing one kid or something. It was so entertaining and the girls are so funny! Sarah was tall enough for the Matterhorn (sp?) and she was obsessed with it. For some reason she called it the “Tuba Ride” and when we asked her, she said a tuba is the monster inside the ride.

Emily marches to her own drum and is always saying or doing something funny. She was being quiet and I asked her what was wrong and she said, “My mouth just doesn’t feel like talking.” She made up millions of knock-knock jokes that made no sense at all and she loved it. Sarah came up with a joke she told millions of times over and over and over… “knock knock”, “who’s there"?”, “monster”, “monster who?” “Rrraahhhrrrr!!!”. That was her joke and she laughed hysterically every. single. time she told it (hundreds). It was about the monster in the Matterhorn.

We went on a lot of rides and had a good time. We also soaked up the sun and the weather was perfect. I got a nice tan but it wasn’t hot at all. We’re so glad we got to go!

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Amanda said...

We had such a great time with you guys! Thanks for being so good with our kids :)