Thursday, April 22, 2010

Loads of Fun

I’m definitely not done with the laundry room yet but I’ve made some progress and it could still be a few weeks until I finish up so I wanted to post some updates.

Here are some lovely before shots of the laundry room at its worst. There was a weird laundry room sign outlined in white paint and an ugly shelf that was too tall even for Danny (and we know he doesn’t spend any time in here). IMG_5337                            It’s a pretty small room, but I’m glad to have it! The mini blinds were dirty and gross and the walls were all patchy and plain.IMG_5339              Now here it is after some paint and a few updates!IMG_5383                                  I painted the walls and I LOVE the color. The blue/gray is gorgeous and I might have to use it somewhere else now too! Even Dan likes it and he’s not a fan of blue.

I took down the weird vinyl and added my own cute saying I found online. 

IMG_5372                                  I also took down the huge shelf and patched and cleaned up the walls. I was just going to do some sort of tie up curtain, but I found these amazing grasscloth (I think?) roman shades on sale at Lowes. Holy smokes I am so happy about them. This one was regularly $56 and I got it for $6.25! I’m not kidding! I about died with joy.IMG_5381                  Dan hung them for me and I love them! The texture is awesome and I loved throwing away the gross mini blinds. Since they were pretty long for the window, I put some hooks on the top inside of the window and made some loops and glued them on the inside of the shades so I can hook them up when I want the window open more. It’s hard to explain but because the shades were extra long, they didn’t pull open all the way. But this works great for me!IMG_5378                        Now I still need to get some unfinished double oak cabinets from Lowes and paint them white and put beadboard wall paper on the doors kinda like this: aug_2009_011                                  I’ll probably paint the inside of the cabinets a lighter shade of the blue wall color just because I like it. :) The double cabinets will go above the washer here:        

IMG_5376                                  Then a bar for hanging shirts will go above the dryer here:


Kinda like this:                                                     

Laundry178swedaisyspacesblogspot                          Then I just need to get some organization for an ironing board and brooms/mops. We’re going to Disneyland next week (jealous anyone?) so it will probably be a few weeks until it’s totally finished. But I still love it like this for now!


The Steeds said...

I love it! And someday I plan on having a laundry room and making it over just like yours! PS-- Mike and I thank you for the Jamba coupon. We went and enjoyed!

Heidi said...

I think you should spend a weekend at my house helping me organize and be creative like you! I'm not joking. You are one VERY talented lady!

And I would LOVE to do the freezer meals!!!

Maddi.L said...
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The Woodwards said...

Haley, you are so funny! Thanks for posting all of these pictures because I can't wait until I have a house to remodel and decorate! And yes, we are VERY jealous about Disneyland!