Friday, April 2, 2010

It begins

My boss is taking us all to Olive Garden then letting us leave for the day! Woo hoo! I have big plans to buy paint and start painting the laundry room today! I’m excited and I’m going to do it in Smokey Blue by Behr. Hopefully it looks good with my rug and I want to finish the whole laundry room in the next 2 weeks!


It’s a lot bluer than the above swatch-it looks gray on my computer.


This was my inspiration picture. I have the same rug and my laundry room has a similar shape as hers. I’m going to do one set of white cabinets above the washer and then a hanging bar above the dryer. I decided not to color match the blue in the rug, but to go a little darker to blend better with the rest of the colors in my house (the burnt orange bathroom is right across from here).

I’m really excited to get started! I’ll post more pics as things progress. Wish me luck!


Shell said...

Yay! I can't wait to see it!

Hailey Jones said...

same as my bathroom.
and we're doing our laundry in the orange.
so basically flip=flop of your rooms.
can't wait to see the finally.

Mike and Blake said...

make sure and post pics. Good luck!