Friday, October 23, 2009


This is how I feel about this house situation. Frustrated, annoyed, anxious, and sometimes sad. But.........I'm sure it will all work out! Still no house at the moment, but we're still in the process of trying to get an approval from the bank about a home in West Point that we LOVE! Every week is something new and we're given a date to expect news, then that day passes, and another date comes up, then it passes, and so on. So now it's been almost a month since we submitted the offer and we're hoping it will be final next week! We only have about a week left to get an approval and get under contract if we want to get the federal tax credit! It's a short sale home which are totally NOT short and they usually take months to complete, but it's a good deal!

So anyway, I'm sure it's all for the best and we will be just fine (Dan doesn't worry or stress, it's just me....), but for now, we just keep waiting......waiting.........waiting.....and I slowly pull out all of my hair....


Diane and Colby Dimond said...

don't pull your hair out, it's cute the way it is!

Good luck! I have obviously never bought a home, but I still get anxiety thinking about it.

by the sound of your post I may never want to buy one :) just kidding.

Rob and Vienna said...

Grrr, what a lame nightmare. Good luck with everything; keep us updated. I'm sad I couldn't come camping to keep you company with all the boys. Sounds like you guys had fun though!