Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nie Nie on Oprah

So I have become a fan of reading Nie Nie Dialogs which is an amazing and inspiring blog about a woman and her husband who were in a terrible plane crash and the woman nearly died. She is still in the process of recovering, but she has returned to her previous bloggings and to read her story and see the way that she lives her life is incredible. I read nearly her entire blog as well as her sister's blog (who posted while she was in a coma for several months) and now I regularly keep up on it. Anyway, she is going to be on Oprah tomorrow so I wanted to update my blog and encourage you all to watch or record it if you can. I don't know a lot about her and her family except for her plane crash story and that she relies heavily on her religion to get her through life and to being such an inspiration. So check out Oprah tomorrow (Wednesday) at 4:00 if you can! I'm sure it will be an uplifting story.

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k said...

I love NieNie!