Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Birthday, Rock Band, and a Wedding!

Dan's birthday was on Monday (3 1/2 weeks older than me!) and we celebrated by going to Tepanyaki! We had never been before and we loved it! Our cook was funny and we were really entertained.

Steph and Trace. Cuties.

These were from our friend Chase's wedding at Red Butte Gardens. It was really pretty.

Beatles rock band!!! Alex, Brigham and Lissie rockin' out.

Brigham was totally rockin' the rockstar earrings with his jammies!S

Dan has been growing out his hair for awhile and I love his curls! He always comes out of the bathroom at night with some new hairstyle to make me laugh. This was one of my favorites.

Ryan munching on some celery.

The cute girlies at Dave & Amanda's barbeque.
Here we are with all our laptops just bein coooooooooool.

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The Woodwards said...

I love your posts! Happy Birthday Dan, I was going to call you and sing but that ended up being a busy day and plus you probably didn't want an off-key version of Happy Birthday!