Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jackson Hole/Yellowstone!

We were able to spend a lot of time with family in Yellowstone and Jackson Hole a few weeks ago and it was AMAZING! Dan went up with his family to Island Park before me since he wasn't working and I came up last Tuesday. His family rents a little cabin up there every year and they had remodeled it this year and it was really nice! Very small and cute, but great! I was sad because I got there in the middle of the week after all the kids had left. But it was still awesome and we had a great time. We canoed down the river and saw a huge moose! It was so relaxing to hang out and enjoy the mountains! We spent time at Yellowstone as well and saw several bears, moose, and a wolf! Then Dan and I went to Jackson Hole on Saturday and stayed with his brother Mike and hung out with my sister. My parents came to Jackson Monday and we stayed at a KOA cabin with them. (My sister works at the KOA/Whitewater company there). We had a blast with them too. Steph, me and Dan went horseback riding, and our whole family (even mom!) went down the river! Dan kayaked down the river with Mike, which freaked me out, but it was fun! It was warm and relaxing, and just an excellent trip. We are already missing it and dreaming about the day when we could get a cabin up there!

I told the girls to pose for me and this is what I got. Love it.

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