Friday, May 22, 2009

Good times in Cali!

Well I thought I would start these pictures off on an exciting note. These are a few great shots taken by our good friend Dustin Waite at Venice Beach, California. This was right next to the Muscle Beach area and this hunk just got done working out. Thanks Dust for saving the memories for us.My aunt, uncle, cousin, his wife and their son were also visiting Disneyland! It was so great to see them since we don't see them a lot and we were able to go on a bunch of rides and spend 2 evenings with them!
Jacob is such a doll!

This is at California Adventure with Dustin and Kaley. They were actually on their honeymoon, but we're really good friends and they called us so we played most of the time with them! It was so much fun to go with another couple.
Flexing in front of Muscle Beach workout machines. It wasn't quite as glamorous as I had anticipated. Venice Beach in general was a pretty wild and crazy place. From naked people, to men selling marijuana, to massages for sell (sick...), to street performers, and everything else you can possibly think of!
Waiting in line at Indiana Jones!
These are just some collages I made because I didn't want to post 5 jillion pictures.

I still have a bunch of pics I want to put up of San Diego and the temples and stuff, but I will do that later! I have to sleep! If I can figure it out, I'll probably link to my entire folder on Picasa in case anyone cares. Julie Price did that and I liked looking through her fun pics from the cruise. Anyway, as I've already said, we had a super great time in Cali and we can't wait to plan our next adventure!

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