Tuesday, August 4, 2015

June-San Diego part 2

We spent another day at the beach towards the end of our trip and it was COLD! It was really overcast and just cool, which was perfect for the days at the theme parks, but not so great for the beach. Owen didn’t get in the water, so he was fine with a jacket and I bundled up in the towels. We ended up staying a long time and still having a lot of fun though.


Dan and Owen had a lot of fun just playing in the sand. The picture above is my favorite ever because you can just see how happy Owen was to be dumping sand on Danny’s head! They are the cutest.


We spent a day at the zoo and it was really fun. The weather was amazing and cool and overcast and I just loved it. I don’t know if I mentioned this, but we were able to bring the BOB stroller in my in-law’s RV and it was awesome. It is so easy to push and goes everywhere, and it can lay down super far so Owen took several naps in it, including a nice long nap at the zoo!


Our first stop was the double decker bus tour around the zoo. It was fun to see the animals from up high and who doesn’t love to take it easy for a while?


We also did the gondola across the park and Owen was in heaven. It was way high and he just loved it.


We saw lots of cool animals and Owen enjoyed it. I think he liked playing with his cousins more than seeing the animals, but I don’t blame him! It was really fun to have so many cousins around for this trip.


His souvenir from the zoo was this little giraffe which was not cheap! But he was stoked and he has actually played with it a ton in the month since we have been home!


Cousins are the best!IMG_5466

We took this right before we left on Saturday morning to come back home in front of our cute little KOA cabin. It was perfect for our family with two rooms and Owen slept awesome (even on the top bunk!). The only downside was no bathroom, but we managed fine with the KOA bathrooms. It was great for the whole family, and we had Mark’s family in the cabin next to us, and Dave’s family in an RV down the street, and Dan’s parent's in an RV near Dave. We could all get together at our firepit and play at night and it was just an awesome vacation! The drive home was looooong, but there was no barfing and it was so much fun!

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