Thursday, February 6, 2014


January was cold and snowy, but we tried to make the most of it by doing a fun hike at Mueller Trail in Bountiful. We were going to snowshoe, but ended up just hiking since the trail was really packed down. We stuffed Owen in the backpack and he loved it. He did awesome and didn’t complain once!


It wasn’t too cold and the views were beautiful!


I love these boys.


Owen is FINALLY getting some hair and it is pretty wavy and curly. When we pulled off his hat, he had crazy hair and it stayed that way all day!


We had to put up the baby gate after he snuck all the way upstairs while I was working. He is still working on breaking it down.


I love that he loves to explore and check out everything, but sheesh, he can make a mess! This is a pretty regular sight around here.



This kid loves to read his books! It makes me so happy and I hope he always has a love of books!


He even reads in the buff. Is there anything cuter than a little naked bum?


The dryer is another favorite toy to explore. Opening and closing the door never gets old.


We finally got rid of our awful fluorescent light in the kitchen and put in pendant lights! Hooray! We also started working on refinishing our banister. It has been quite a huge headache but hopefully that will be done in the next few days.


I met my mom and sister at The Pie for a yummy lunch and then we got massages (my mom got us gift cards for Christmas)! It was awesome!


I can’t even pee in peace…but those tiny fingers make me so happy!


We had Sunday dinner at my mom’s house and Steph and Owen took over the kitchen.


My mom got Owen this super cute little rocking horse and he really loves it!


I realize 95% of these pictures are Owen, but he is our life and a big part of what makes it so great! January was another goodie and so far, February isn’t looking too bad either. Maybe spring will come early? We can dream….

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