Thursday, October 3, 2013



September is already behind us and it was another good one for our family. We did a lot of fun things, starting with Peach Days in Brigham City. We always say we want to go and then we never do! But we made it this year! It started out a bit rainy, but it cleared up quickly and was really nice.


We watched part of the parade and were lucky enough to see the belly dancing “float”. Loved it.


There were football games later that day so Dan and I had our shirts on and of course, tons of people made comments. How does our marriage work?


We walked a few blocks in the wrong direction and then turned around and finally found the food. We sat under a tree and enjoyed some lunch and people watching. On our way back home, we stopped at a fruit stand and got a bushel of AMAZING peaches and a few other fresh fruits and veggies. The peaches were so awesome and we ate a ton of them and I made freezer jam and froze a bunch of sliced peaches too. Yumma!


We also finally made it to the state fair! As we were driving down, it was a downpour. We could barely see on the freeway and it was just so rainy and terrible. I was stressing out about going and dragging Owen around in the rain, but Dan told me to take a chill pill and by the time we got downtown, the rain had stopped and it was perfect weather the whole time we were there! Lucky us!


There were some very interesting food items including this huge trailer of meat smoking, and all kinds of fried things. It was really fun just to wander and check things out.


I had no idea there were all sorts of prizes awarded for everything imaginable. We walked around and saw all kinds of quilts, clothing, sewing, and food items that people had entered. This was the canning/pickled section. Weird.


We had to check out the animals and we could only make it a few feet into the pig area because it stunk so bad. But we got a pic of this beast.


We saw the cows, goats, birds, rabbits and sheep. Owen was marginally interested but it was still fun.


This character was quite talented with his musical abilities.


Of course we had to get some food! It was so hard to decide what to get and we still overdid it, but we got some fudge, cinnamon almonds, a funnel cake and chili cheese fries! Hello fatties! They were all delish!


I love how Owen is smiling in every.single.pic. He is the best.


They even had a mother’s lounge area where I could nurse Owen and change him! It was awesome and really convenient so that I didn’t have to go to the bathroom or do it in the open. I don’t mind that, but having a private, clean area is especially nice.


Owen had his first illness this month. He hasn’t been sick once in his 9 months so I’m grateful for that, but this sucked. He had diarrhea for about 10 days. He got a fever once or twice and threw up a few times, but didn’t act super fussy most of the time. He definitely wasn’t himself and got a terrible rash from diarrhea, but he was still really happy overall. We took a lot of baths and I tried to let him air out without his diaper a few times! Lucky, we overcame it and he is back to his normal self! (And his normal pooping…)


We have spent a lot of time outside, taking walks, swinging, and just watching cars and kids in the yard. We don’t have a fence in our backyard and our neighbors have a swing and 5 kids, so Owen is pretty entertained by them! He LOVES the swing!


These two pictures seriously melt my heart. I love my little buddy and he never cuddles with me, so seeing him give me a hug and look at me like I am his whole world makes me happier than words can say. He is my whole world and I hope he always loves me as much as he does right now!


We celebrated my dad’s birthday by going to his favorite place-Olive Garden! Dan even got the Tour of Italy for dinner in his honor. It is hard every day without him, and I can’t think about it too much or I will get too sad. But we will keep talking about and remembering him and I will tell Owen about him and we know he is close.


Last week we met most of the fam at a park in South Jordan for some volleyball. It was a little chilly and windy, but overall a beautiful day! And I love me some volleyball!


Grandma kept an eye on the babies.



Owen and Benson are only 3 months apart and I cannot wait for them to be buddies and play with each other as they grow up! Is Owen’s outfit not the cutest thing you have ever seen in your life?


Weston is only a few months behind Owen and I have a feeling the three boys will cause some trouble, but I hope they are good friends and have lots of fun together as they grow up! Weston still has some growing to do…he’s such a little guy!



Nicole S. said...

What a fun month!! Owen is such an cutie!! And you trained him to like the camera. lol

Shell said...

What a good September! You motivated me and I'm going to my September post TONIGHT! (Please hold me to it!) Owen really is the best and his constant smile is just the sweetest. I really just wish I lived by you. I could make jam with you, see caca belly dancers on floats, and Owen could play in my back yard. One day. I will live by you. Love you lotsies and keep the posts coming!

Lanea Sampson said...

These are soooo cute! You never can understand how much your mama loves you until you're the mama. And being a grandma is another kind of wonderful love. Thanks for loving my grandbaby and being such great parents. Love you lots.