Thursday, August 29, 2013


It’s not quite over yet, but August has been a busy and fun month. I can’t remember if we celebrated in July or August, but my niece Brioney turned 1 and we had a fun party at their house with a slip n slide and a pool. The kids (and the grown men) loved it.


I’ve said it before but this girl is a WILD CHILD. She is crazy and spastic and so cute! She destroyed her cupcake and then wanted me to hold her…I ran for my life. We love this little lady.


Auntie Steph mauled loved Owen whenever we were around…she just loves him and he is lucky to have her!


I got to spend a little more time with Shelley before they left for a new adventure in Austin. We met with our moms for lunch downtown and had a fun chatting. She gave Owen lots of loves!


Bre and Shelley and the kids came over for the Final Farewell…aka we said our goodbyes and cried a lot. It was hard and I hate how my best friend always has to leave! I love her and her family so much and I just wish she were closer so our kids could play and grow up together. But maybe some day they will end up around here. I will keep hoping.


We went on a hike with our friends, the Saldivars and it was pretty tough but really fun. Owen took a snooze in the backpack and did awesome!


A rare cuddle moment with our buddy. He never cuddles!


Owen trying to rip Jack’s face off. It was a friendly attack.


The only time in our lives where my baby might look a tiny bit like me! I love this pic so much!


Dan and I went to the Bees game for Dan’s work and we got 3rd row seats! It was really fun and it’s always nice to go out together and know that Owen is safe and sound at home with my mom! She is awesome.


Church is a blast with a kid…I had heard a million times before that it’s rough but now I really know. He usually takes a nap around 9 or 10 so starting church at 9 is difficult especially when he won’t fall asleep while we’re holding him. The past few weeks we have gotten him to take a little nap on the floor. Dan took off his shoes so he was more comfortable Smile. But it was pretty dang cute.


Last week, Danny’s grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary! Pretty amazing and they had a party with a cupcake/ice cream truck! It was a major hit and I think some of the kids had about 12 treats each…yikes. I’m keeping Owen away from most sweets while he is still too young to know better! Eventually he will beg for it and I’m sure he will have plenty of treats, but for now, I just give him a tiny bite!


We have had plenty of entertainment from this kid. He keeps us on our toes and is tons of fun. Trying to juggle work and take care of him all day is pretty difficult, but I am so glad I can work from home so I can be with him! He is such a happy kid and it is so fun to watch him grow up and learn.



I cannot handle the cuteness of this child. He is full of rolls and I adore his chub! This was after a bath and we were seriously dying at his chubbiness and I love his bent knee! So awesome and so cute!


I bought him the cutest winter hat from H&M (wow they have cute baby stuff!) for our upcoming trip to Yellowstone and I think he liked it! He is getting so big and I just love watching him grow up. He still has no interest in crawling but I’m okay with it. He’s getting close and can roll just about anywhere he wants so I’m sure it will happen any day now!


Dan is also going to be starting a new job in a few weeks! He has felt like he wanted to make a move and he got an offer to do sales at CompHealth which is where two of his brothers work! It is one of the top companies to work for (by Fortune), has great sales training, has good benefits and atmosphere, and he feels like there is a lot of potential there. So we are excited for a new phase in our lives and hope that he loves it there! He will be working further away and will get home a lot later but hopefully it will pay off for us!

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Amy said...

So, your little boy is absolutely adorable. I can't get over his rolls either.

Not being able to have your baby fall asleep in your arms during church is the biggest downside of babywise, but I still think it's worth it. With Ethan we used to put him to sleep in an empty nearby classroom in his carseat. Good to know the floor works too :)