Wednesday, July 31, 2013


July was full of summer fun and it went way too fast! We spent the 4th with my family and had a yummy BBQ and just hung out. We left a little early to see if we could catch some fireworks close to our house. IMG_1174

Owen was fast asleep and we were able to get a good spot behind some corn in a field so he could stay asleep in the car next to us. He didn’t wake up once with all the loud fireworks and we had an awesome view!


There was no traffic and we were 5 minutes away from home! Perfect!


We have been taking some trips to the Hooper park by our house. It is a great park because it is almost completely shaded by huge trees and there are some baby swings that Owen loves.


Shelley, Brian, Thad and Wes (and Thad’s friend) came to visit and we had a BBQ and roasted s’mores over the fire. I’m glad this gal is in Utah for a bit and I can’t wait to visit her in Austin!


We finally took Owen swimming a few times and he has loved it! He kicks his legs and splashes. We are so glad he loves the water!


We were able to visit Dustin and Kaley and cutie pie Reese a few weeks ago. She is two months older than Owen but he is way bigger! It was so funny because every time we laid him on the floor, he would always end up rolling into Reese’s lap! It was hilarious and I think he almost crushed her tiny little legs. But she liked it so hopefully we are setting the stage for a future wedding!


Dan and I went to the Ogden rodeo last weekend and my awesome mom watched Owen at our house. It was so bloody hot and I thought I might die for the first hour, but it got better when the sun went down and we had fun. The people watching was definitely the highlight of the rodeo. It always is.


We finally made it to the Burger Bar in Roy. It has been on the food network and we have heard a lot about it but we have never gone! We finally checked it out and it really didn’t disappoint. The buns were amazing and the fry sauce was awesome. I was really impressed. We also got shakes. Yum.


My sweet mama had another clean scan and good report from her oncologist so we met in Bountiful to celebrate! Steph was there too but I just adore this picture of her and Owen. He seriously loves her and will cuddle up to her and no one else!


We were playing in Owen’s room and he started giggling and laughing hysterically when Dan would put his feet in the air then slam them on the ground. It was the cutest thing and he did it for probably 15 minutes and Owen loved it.


Getting checked out at the doctor…before shots obviously Sad smile



Just looking at these pictures reminds me that I have such an amazing life and I’m so blessed and so happy! Having a family is the most fulfilling thing I could ever imagine and I’m so grateful for the happiness that it brings me! We had a great month of July! We also went to Bear Lake last week so those pictures will be coming soon!

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He is the CUTEST baby!!!