Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happenings Lately

Things have been pretty awesome lately. Our lives are great and we are loving life with Owen. I have been home with Owen for almost 12 weeks and it has been fabulous! It has been a lot of work and being a mom is hard, but I adore it and luckily Owen is basically a perfect child so he makes it a lot easier!

Last week was a really gorgeous Saturday so we went on a long walk. There was still tons of snow, but we really wanted to get out and it was such amazing weather.


I wrapped up Owen in my solly baby wrap and he fell right to sleep! It was so precious and I loved cuddling him with me. My back got a little sore since he is quite a biggie but it was worth it!


We have gone to visit Dan at work a few times and it has been really fun. Last week we went to an awesome Thai place downtown called My Thai. I love Thai food and this is another awesome Thai place on my list! I think Owen wanted a taste of the spring roll…


Dad’s choice of outfit…Dan’s sister gave us a bunch of cute hand me downs from her boys and this awesomeness was part of that. He seems to have liked it!


I have gone down to West Jordan to visit my mom and sister several times when Dan has school at night and they have smothered him (in a good way of course). I love seeing them with my sweet babe!


Owen is lucky to have TONS of cousins on Danny’s side. He is the 16th grandchild and there is one more due in May! There will still be a lot more to come too and he has 3 other cousins that are within 9 months of him (Brioney in July, Benson in September, Owen in December, and baby boy Hill in May)! 3 of the 4 babies will be in the same grade and they are all boys. Tons of fun. Here is Owen with baby Benson and Taylor.


We have had some fun doing photo shoots in his adorable little outfits. What a doll.


Last weekend, we went on a quick trip to Las Vegas. We left Thursday afternoon and came home on Sunday evening. We had a lot of fun but we also learned a lot. We stayed in the Mandalay Bay because I got a great deal using Priceline (almost half price!), but the hotel was MASSIVE and took forever to walk to our car, which is tough with a baby. And there were not really any baby friendly cheap restaurants in the hotel either. We probably should have just gone to St. George which is just as warm and a few hours closer! But we still had fun and Owen was a dream child the whole time. Our room was super nice and we did some fun things.


The weather on Friday wasn’t too great but we drove to the temple and after the rain stopped, we walked around then drove back to our hotel via the scenic route.


We spent Friday evening in our hotel room just chillin. We had a nice room and a pretty sweet view since we were on the 25th floor. Owen loves to coo and talk to us and it is the most precious thing ever! Dan is the cutest dad ever and I love watching how much Owen loves him!


This baby still loves the bathtub!


On Saturday we drove to Hoover Dam and it was awesome! The weather was really nice and comfortable and Owen slept the whole time we walked around the visitor’s center and the dam. We were so glad Owen wakes us up early because we got to the dam early and by the time we were ready to leave, the line was huge and the place was way busy.



The dam and the bridge were HUGE. I had been there when I was young but didn’t remember much of it and we really loved walking around and seeing just how amazing the whole place is!


After Hoover Dam, we found a park and Dan and I ate some snacks and sat on the grass while Owen slept. it was really nice and relaxing. Then that evening we went to an AMAZING buffet at the M Resort. We had eaten there a few years ago when Dan did the Ragnar in Las Vegas and it didn’t disappoint again. We were nervous to spend a lot of money on a buffet when there was a chance we would have to leave early or not enjoy it as much because Owen got fussy or something, but he was a gem.


It was a seafood buffet so there was all kinds of yummy seafood (Dan tried crawfish and all the weird stuff). I love shrimp so I pounded about a million of those babies. There was a whole Asian section, Italian, all kinds of meat, vegetables, bread and everything else you can think of. And the desserts…whoa. Dream come true. There was tons of gelato and every dessert you can imagine. Amazing.


After the early dinner (we missed the crowds thanks again to O-man), we drove to the strip and parked at the Bellagio. Dan had never seen the fountains so we walked around the lobby and just a few blocks down the strip. We watched a few of the fountain shows and then Owen was done and so were we!


On Sunday morning before we left we took a long walk around our hotel and a little ways down the strip. The sun was shining and it was gorgeous! Perfect timing for us to leave…


I had some fun adventures feeding Owen all over the place. Nursing is convenient since you don’t have to bring formula, bottles, or find warm water, but it is also a little difficult because you are so worried you are going to flash people and I’m sure some people saw my religiousness but oh well. We made it work and did a lot of feedings in the back seat of the car. I also got pretty dang good at changing the kid in the car with him in my lap. Dan hypnotized him with his hands while I changed him.


I took some pictures of him for 11 weeks and he smiled in every single picture.


What a cutie pie! He is starting to look more like Dan to me and I love it. He is a super happy baby and doing so well with naps and sleeping at night! He usually sleeps around 10 hours except that I wake him up at 10:00pm to feed him but he goes right back to sleep. Sometimes he wakes up in the night but goes right back to sleep if we re-swaddle him and give him his binky.

I am going back to work next week and I am excited but nervous. I’m so lucky because I will only be going into the office on Mondays and Wednesdays then I’ll work from home the rest of the time. I really love my job and miss it and the people there so I’m glad to go back, but I will miss Owen and it will be so hard to leave him! My neighbor is going to watch him and I know she’ll do a great job but it will be tough. I’m glad Owen will be able to be around her kids and so grateful for the flexibility of my job to work from home and be with him 3 days a week!


Steph said...

Cute cute! I can't believe he's getting! Looks like you guys had fun in Vegas!

Ben and Becky said...

LOVE the picture of Owen being hypnotized by Danny's hands! What a cute boy!!

Woodward Family said...

How fun! Owen is so cute, Congratulations guys! BTW, that pic of Danny eating reminded me of Jackson Hole and river rafting with the Aune family, when we had seafood and Dan and Mike were eating all of the seafood they could handle! Just a quick memory to share!