Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas with Owen!

I got a few more pictures from the hospital and days after we brought Owen home that I wanted to share. Below is not the best picture of me but I still like our first family picture! One of the first things my sister said to me when she came to the hospital was “your hair is a mess, you need to fix it”. Yes, that is my top priority sis…


Super proud Daddy!B0000104

We had some visitors come to the hospital after Owen was born. It was really fun for Dan to call our families and tell them he was already here because it was so fast! They couldn’t believe it!


Uncle Jon. Already a total pro with babies and kids.


Grandpa and Grandma Hill. Owen is their 16th grandchild and one more is coming in May! I’m sure there will be tons once all 8 of their kids are done having kids!


Of course my family came, but I didn’t take any pictures! I don’t know why Dan missed it but I think I was too busy talking to them and telling them about the birth that we didn’t get pictures. But they were there and I loved it. It was so amazing to see my mom with her first grandbaby and she loves him so much!


Mike and Hailey came to the hospital on Christmas Eve (the next day). They are due in May and having a boy too! Hooray! Owen will have 2 other boy cousins in the same grade as him! So awesome.


We were able to go home from the hospital 24 hours later on Christmas Eve at about 6pm. It was so awesome to get to be home for that and the drive home in the snow was a little stressful for me! I didn’t sit in the back with him but I should have because I worried the whole way home! Luckily he survived.


We had Jimmy Johns for dinner (they were open on Christmas Eve!), and just enjoyed our new little guy. It was awesome and then we got up on Christmas and opened presents. Dan did amazing and got me a bench for my digital piano, a Belgian waffle maker (I’ve wanted one for years), perfume, and a subscription to Consumer Reports! I’m obsessed with researching every product we buy and every vacation we go on and every time we go to Grandpa Goats’ house, I always read it! So I’m stoked! He also got me an awesome rose gold watch as a “push present” for having Owen. I think that’s the dumbest name and I didn’t expect or want any gift but he is awesome and I love my watch.


Dan was pretty happy with his gifts too. I got him some “Alaska Boots”, some DVDs, a gift card to Scheels, a sweater, a work out shirt, a wrench set, and a sweet axe. He loves random outdoor things that he really doesn’t need and may never use but he was happy!


We had some visitors over the next few days and we loved it. Lissie is awesome with babies and she is always taking care of her baby brother Benson.


Ben and Becky and the girls were visiting from Mongolia and we were so happy they were able to meet Owen!


Grandma Sampson (or Grandma Lanea? Not sure yet…) came the day after Christmas with Steph and Andrew.


He loves Auntie Steph!


It took three of us to change him! And yes, we are doing it on our kitchen table…


We opened presents with my family on the 26th and it was really fun. We all got mom a big blanket with a cute picture of her and dad on it and she loved it.


Mom got us some awesome gifts too. Dan got a full Camp Stove with all the extras-griddle, carrying bag and side shelves. He also got a gift card to Scheels and I got a new video camera! We don’t have one so I’m stoked to be able to take videos of Owen and use it for vacations and everything. Mom and Steph also got Owen lots of things he didn’t need but we loved it! He got a full Carhartt outfit…overalls, shirt and sweatshirt! It’s pretty adorable and Dan is obsessed with Carhartt stuff and my dad loved it too so I think it’s great!


Owen was just a little jaundiced and the doctor said to put him in the sun and he loved it! He was super toasty warm and loved sunbathing in front of the window!

IMG_0122We had a great Christmas with our little guy and we loved having family come visit. It was so fun to be home and look around at my little family and enjoy Christmas together. All the snow was pretty awesome too! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and beautiful, healthy baby, and just a great life!



Shell said...

Love every picture! The sunbathing one is probably my fav, tho. Steph is a goober for saying something about your hair...she is so funny! I'm glad you had a good Christmas 2 days after giving birth. You are superwoman. Also, I think your mom should be called Nana Nea Nea. The end.

The Millers said...

I agree with Shell, I love all the pictures of him! He is so cute! Nothing makes Christmas more meaningful than enjoying it with a new baby. He is the best gift ever.

Anonymous said...
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