Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fun Stuff

Right after Thanksgiving, Dan and I decided to check out the lights at Temple Square. I knew that I might not get to go soon and I wanted to go while I still had some energy and it wasn’t too cold. We ended up going on a Monday and I couldn’t believe how un-crowded it was! We got there early because we both work downtown so as soon as it was dark, we were walking around, but it was almost empty!


I loved being there before the crowds came (they started showing up for Family Night as we were leaving around 7ish). We didn’t have to compete with people in all our pictures and it just worked out really perfectly. Dan was really patient with my super slow walking and we didn’t look at every single part of Temple Square, but we did a lot and had a lot of fun.


I couldn’t believe my warm coat actually zipped over my belly! It barely fit but worked out pretty well! We sat in the visitor’s center for a while and listened to a choir of sister missionaries sing Christmas songs. We got some treats at Farr’s Fresh and since we parked at City Creek, we didn’t have to walk far to our car and we got out without too much trouble.


We checked out the awesome candy windows at Macy’s and I really loved them! It reminded me of the cool candy windows we used to look at growing up.


We had a lot of fun together and I just love being with Dan. I have really been aware of the time we have left together while it’s just us. I can’t wait for our little guy to join the family but I’m trying to soak up this last time that we have together as just us!


These gals came over last week to visit and once again, we had a good time. Shell was visiting from CT and they brought their cute kiddos too. It was so fun to have their cute kids in my house and we could talk for hours! Love the heart on my belly. Dan and I considered taking maternity pics like that but decided against it Smile

002 (2)

On Monday, I had my last shower! Danny’s aunts (on his dad’s side) did it for me and it was the cutest thing ever. They did a mustache theme and they had so many adorable decorations and fun stuff! I couldn’t believe it and it was a lot of fun.

003 (2)

They made these adorable onesies with ties and mustaches! There were rice krispy treats with chocolate in the shape of mustaches, mustache suckers, mustache straws, and they got us a sweet mustache binkie for the babe!

005 (2)006 (2)004 (2)

We all put on mustache stickers and even my nephew Benson got one. So awesome.

007 (2)

I had another shower by Danny’s aunts on his mom’s side too and they tied a quilt for me. I am awful and didn’t take any pictures! I was too busy trying to help my mom figure out how to do the quilt. But the fabric is adorable and I can’t wait to see it all finished!

008 (2)

My mama and sis came and I’m so glad they did. We were all rockin’ sweet staches! I got a lot of awesome stuff and I just can’t believe how nice people have been at all the showers I’ve had. We have gotten so many great gifts and have had so much fun!

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