Friday, October 19, 2012

Online Shopping Love

I love online shopping. It is the most wonderful and convenient thing EVER. Specifically, Amazon Prime. I just wanted to share my love and discuss how awesome it is!onlineshopping2A guy at my work who I feel is like my crazy uncle or something (he is my favorite person in the world) pays $79 a year for Amazon Prime. If you don’t know what Prime is, basically you pay a yearly fee and you get streaming videos as well as free 2 day shipping on most purchases. My co-worker bought it for the videos, but you can also share the free 2 day shipping with 4 other friends/family members! So because he loves me, he asked if I wanted to be on his list. I don’t get the streaming movies, but free 2 day shipping on almost everything from Amazon is SWEET.Amazon-Prime-LOGO-LARGEAmazon seriously has everything you can imagine. There are very few things I have not been able to find here! I have been buying baby stuff like crazy. I have not bought anything I wouldn’t have gotten anyway; it is just stuff we needed but being able to order it online then get it at home a few days later with free shipping has been so great. I just bought 2 big packs of Huggies wipes for just under $.02 a wipe. This is a great deal for wipes and so I decided I might as well stock up!

Amazon has lists that you can make to keep track of things. So I have a baby list of items that I have obsessively researched and determined that I want. It helps to keep track of them then I can go buy them later or refer to them. I actually did a baby registry on Amazon as well. I also have shopping list ideas for others for birthdays, Christmas, etc. I bought every single one of Dan’s birthday presents on Amazon. I even got him a jacket that ended up being too small and we were able to return it for free and exchange it for another size!

I also love the reviews for products on Amazon. I am a researching person, whether it is planning a vacation, buying a vacuum, or purchasing baby products. I read various reviews, get feedback and try to find the best item for my money. I really like the feedback on Amazon and I try to leave informative reviews for products I purchase as well.

Some other really great things about online shopping are all the coupon codes that are out there. I recently bought some boots from Kohls and they were cheaper online than they were in the store. So I went to the store to try them on, then went home and bought them online for $10 less. Plus I found a 20% off coupon code AND I got free shipping! So they were way less than in the store. Amazing.

I also just bought a bunch of make up and crap from Ulta. I love Ulta and have recently switched almost all of my make up, hair, face stuff over to items I can buy from Ulta. I have loved everything I have gotten there and the girls who work there are always super helpful and knowledgeable. I found a coupon code for 15% off and I got free shipping as well! It’s all stuff I need and would have had to stop and buy but now I just get it on my porch! Love it.eyeshadow-haul There are several options with Amazon Prime. They have a free student membership for 6 months and then it’s only $39 a year after that. This type of account does not allow you to share with others. They also have Amazon Mom which gives you 3 months of free 2 day shipping as well as 20% off of diapers and wipes. This account does not allow you to share with others. I think if I didn’t have someone add me for free, I would definitely look into one of these other options or consider sharing the $79 membership fee with a few other people (and add them so they get the benefits as well). I think it would be well worth the time saved to be able to buy things online. The convenience factor is awesome!

One thing to note about shopping online at Old Navy-a while ago I was about ready to buy some clothes and I had checked their return policy and it said you can return online items to the store. But when I checked out and was ready to confirm my order, a few items said “online returns only”. I called the store and they said you can only return those items via mail and it costs $6.50 or something ridiculous. I was shocked and totally annoyed and didn’t buy anything from Old Navy. So just be careful to check if there are some crazy return policies or something when buying stuff online.

I just wanted to share my excitement for online shopping with everyone! I have purchased a lot of items online in the past, but with Amazon Prime, it has really made things very convenient. Maybe everyone else already does this and knows a lot of secrets and tips, but hopefully this can help you. I can’t wait to shop for Christmas presents online soon and I will definitely be taking advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales online from the comfort of my home this year!

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Nicole S. said...

I love amazon as well!! My wish list is miles long. ;)