Monday, July 30, 2012

Preston Rodeo


Dan loves rodeos. Really loves rodeos. He loves cowboys, horses, small towns, carhartts, etc. I’m fairly positive he was a hard core cowboy in another life. His favorite place in the world is Yellowstone and he always fantasizes about having a cabin or ranch some day. He would love to be a real cowboy and I’m sure he would be amazing at it. Maybe someday…

But he loves going to rodeos and we have already been to several this year. A few months ago, we wrote down all the dates and locations of all the rodeos around us and so far we have been to West Haven, Ogden, Evanston and now Preston. We missed a few big ones because we were in Yellowstone but so far we have gotten a lot in. We went to the Ogden rodeo last Monday and it was pretty awesome. It was HUGE and there were tons of people and tons of really good rodeo-people (what are they called anyway, contestants?) And the people watching was pure entertainment. On Saturday we drove up to Logan for the afternoon to reminisce about our time there.


I absolutely adore Logan and USU and we walked around campus and it just made me so happy. It was such a weird feeling to remember my time there and part of my wished I was still in the middle of it! It is such a beautiful place and I had so much fun during the 4 years that I spent there. We took a picture on the “A” but you can’t really see it too well.


Above is a pic of me at almost 19 weeks along. Not too  big yet but my belly is definitely starting to poke out a lot and I’m getting chunkier for sure. I’m praying I won’t gain too much besides the belly region but I’m trying to enjoy it and not worry too much! Luckily I lost about 22 pounds right before I got pregnant so all my clothes were really big and now they still fit me! I’ll be buying maternity stuff soon enough I’m sure. Speaking of being careful about not gaining too much weight…

Logan-20120728-00293We had to hit up Aggie Ice cream and it didn’t disappoint! I love that place and sitting in there reminded me of my math class in the Nutrition building. I would stay after and get lunch at Aggie ice cream and I loved it. I usually had a pulled pork sandwich with fritos and it was something like $3. Not too shabby.

We also stopped by Al’s Sporting Goods which Dan loves. We spent a lot of nights wandering around that place when we lived in Logan and we got a few things that were on sale. We had some Cafe Rio for dinner (I have been wanting that for a long time and it was awesome) then we headed to Preston for the rodeo. I believe this is the 3rd time Dan and I have gone to the parade and rodeo together (I went once with friends before I was married) and I think we will try to do it as much as we can!

IMG-20120728-00297We found a shady spot to check out the parade and enjoyed the small town fun. The parade is so lame but I love it. There are tons of people and kids everywhere and it’s just a great atmosphere. The highlight of the parade is usually a huge Gossner’s food truck where they had out free chocolate milk (so amazing) but they didn’t do it this year! Tragic.

Preston-20120728-00298 Some of the parade pics. These pictures are all from Dan’s phone so they aren’t too great.

Preston-20120728-00302Seriously loved the Star Wars people in the parade. Totally random but they do not mess around when it comes to Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.


We headed to the rodeo and barely got in on time because the line was HUGE. We had amazing seats though but the stadium seating is so tight! Everyone is crammed in and Dan’s knees didn’t even fit so he kept hitting the people in front of him. Whoops. Still fun though and the place was sold out! It is one of the biggest rodeos in the country and it was awesome.


We had a blast and it was such a fun summertime activity. Check out Dan’s sweet cowboy shirt purchased from Reams. That place is serious about cowboy clothes. Dan and I have tons of fun together and he is so great to take care of me especially now that I’m pregnant. He is always telling me to sit down or holding everything or getting me whatever I need. I just love him and can’t wait for the fun in our future!



Nicole S. said...

Looks like a fun day!!

Bekah said...

The Preston Rodeo is a legend. I've been before, and actually have been in the parade. We have family there.

I've had my share of rodeos this summer as well. The best one yet was Days of 47.

Keep up the good work!