Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Garden and nasty stache

Dan had a big beard a few weeks ago and he kept it for about a month. I don’t mind the bearded look and I think he looks pretty hot, but I don’t like kissing him at all! And his mom hates it! But he finally shaved and decided to leave the nastiest mustache ever. He kept it for a day and everyone at his work said he looked like a porn star. Sickkkkkk.


An update on our yard. These were about 2 weeks ago and we added some more plants to fill in our backyard flower beds a bit more. You can barely tell, but there are a bunch of Petunias (where it looks like just dirt) so hopefully they fill in and bring some color.


These are all newly planted and already have grown quite a bit. They are looking good and supposedly will get pretty big.


The front gardens are looking good but I definitely need some color! I planted some petunias up here too so hopefully they will be colorful soon now that my tulips have died.


This is my garden about two weeks ago.


The pepper and tomato plants were just newly planted.


This is my garden as of last night and it looks awesome! So many things have just exploded and I’m so excited!


My tomatoes and pepper plant have grown a lot and the zucchini seed I planted a week or two ago has already popped up! I was amazed!


This is a close up of my spinch (middle two squares) and my beans (top four squares). My onions are huge and my cilantro and parsley are popping up like crazy. My peas are also growing really well so hopefully they turn out!


I am going to try to work out a trellis for my tomatoes and my zucchini so they don’t get out of control and take over my small garden. Hopefully it actually works and I’ll post pictures of that eventually. Hooray for gardens!


Nicole S. said...

That stache is pretty gross!! haha

Don't you just love gardens?! And how much excitement such a small plant can bring?! It's looking really good.

Lary said...

Nice work Haley! That is a nasty stache alright :) you should have dressed up like La-Fawnda :)

There is your costume for next Halloween.

Lary said...

shoot, this is Michelle btw. I forgot I'm on my dad's account