Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Some things

This is going to be kind random because I have several things I wanted to post about and I’m doing it all in one post!

My besty Shelley came to visit from CT a few weeks ago with her precious boys and I was so happy to see Wes! Holy smokes, look at that face! He is so adorable and I loved seeing them. Shell and Bre came to our house with their 4 kids and we had a great time. I’m stealing some pictures from Shelley’s blog!


Brielle and Thad ran around in the yard and played before it got dark and luckily I have invested in a toy box for the times when we have kids come over so they were pretty entertained. It also helped to have their favorite cartoons on TV too! (I love Comcast OnDemand!)

003 We had a yummy dinner and just chatted. It was so nice to visit with these girls and I just love them so much. We have been friends for so long (since I was in 7th grade!) and I will always love them. I adore their cute kids and seeing them as moms now makes me so happy! They are wonderful moms and I’m so glad we got to spend some time together.

145 Dan kept them entertained and got them really really hyper. He does that with kids a lot.

IMG_0382 Brielle loved wearing my earrings. It was so adorable and Breanne put them over the top of her ears and she walked around really carefully so they would stay on!

IMG_0520 Holy Wes.


The picture above is a late Christmas present that I sent Shelley some time in January. I made her some subway art with my silhouette and I forgot to take pictures so she sent me this! I had Brian send me a bunch of their addresses and cities they have lived in (a lot), and I mixed them all up and made a stencil with my silhouette. Then I painted it and distressed it a bit. I think it turned out great and I might make one for us with places we have lived and traveled.

I just have to post a few rants and raves about pinterest. First of all, I love it and think it’s a great idea and I use it all the time!

Here are my rants:

  • When people pin things without checking if the link goes anywhere or if it’s a legit site/recipe/etc! They just pin it and never click on it so when I actually do, I find out that it goes nowhere!
  • When people pin 10,000 pictures of super freaky buff/skinny women with quotes about working out really hard. Very dramatic.
  • “healthy” recipes that are not healthy
  • I hate how pinterest randomly doesn’t work and I have had one of my entire boards just disappear. The pictures and links are gone but the board is still there! This has gotten better but I think the site grew too fast for them to maintain very well.

And here are my raves:

  • Tons of recipes that I’ve made and liked:
    • honey lime tilapia
    • banana blueberry bread
    • parmesan baked zucchini
    • oven baked asparagus
    • breadsticks
    • asian bbq chicken
    • pf chang’s lettuce wraps
    • sweet potato fries
    • yogurt drops
    • orange teriyaki salmon
    • parmesan roasted potatoes
  • Things I’ve actually done :
    • New workouts: tabata, running on an incline, the 100, some great arm work outs
    • Great cleaning ideas: vinegar (cleaned showerhead), stove top, how to whiten whites (really worked but it’s a lot of effort)
    • Actually using the board to plan my Halloween party and upcoming bedroom design
    • Guide of how to pluck your eyebrows

And finally, I wanted to do one more update about losing some weight recently. When we went on our trip, I had been tracking my calories and changing my eating habits for about 6 weeks. I was glad I had already started before we left so it was easier to stay on track while we were in Puerto Rico. I was really nervous that I would get home and have gained all the weight back, but I only gained 1.5 pounds and I lost it and a little more the week we got home. I think the fact that we were active while we were there as well as the habits I had been working on before the trip helped a lot too. And we ate pretty healthy while we were there but I did have a lot more treats and desserts than usual and I’m glad that I did!

So far I have lost 18 pounds in about 3 months. I have almost dropped 2 sizes and I’m 2 pounds away from my goal weight but even more importantly, I want to get to my goal pant size! I took some measurements back in December and compared them to now. Here are the inches I have lost so far:

Calf: –.5”
Thigh: –3.25”
Hips: – 2.5”
Waist: –4.75”

I’m really happy with the changes that I’ve made with my lifestyle and eating and I don’t feel deprived at all. I don’t feel like I’m on a diet because I don’t want to just stop doing this and gain weight again. If I gain weight in the future, I will be okay with it and it’s not something I want to obsess over. But I feel really good and healthy and I’m proud that I have done it! It’s something I will continue as a lifestyle change and whenever I get pregnant (yes I do want to have kids at some point!), I want to have a healthy pregnancy and continue exercising regularly, eating healthy and gaining a healthy amount of weight that will hopefully come off easier when I have a baby because I took care of my body!


Nicole S. said...

I love posts like this with so much random updating. I think I'm guilty of a couple of your pinterest rants so it gave me something to think about. :) Also, AWESOME job on the weight loss. I have never thought you had any, let alone 20 pounds to lose, so way to go!!

Vienna said...

Oh my gosh, I have been thinking about writing a whole post about the things I hate about pinterest, and a lot of them are the same as yours! I HATE the pics of scantily clad skinny women. I feel like they're borderline porn. I know that's probably prudish of me, but I don't want to see a bunch of really tan abs of chicks wearing really low-rise butt shorts. I don't find it motivating. Just gross. AND I hate when the links don't go to an actual thing. AND I've tried some of the hairstyles/recipes and they don't work. AND I hate when people just pin the same crap over and over from within pinterest, because then I just see the same stuff pinned by everyone.

Also, way to go for you on the weight loss! You inspired me and I bought 30 day shred. I found out after the fact that I can't really do it until I'm done nursing, but I'm excited for it when that time comes.

Also, sorry this is super long :)

Amanda said...

That is awesome about the weight loss! I was laughing at the pinterest rants because I feel the same way :)

Johnny & Callie Bowers said...

Oh my heck...I want to follow you on pinterest, but I can't find you anywhere! Help!

Hailey Jones said...

Your subway art creation is killing me! Totally doing this for an empty space in my bedroom I've been staring at all day. Ahhhhhh! Thanks for the idea.
I've almost quit pinterest for that same reason. But... Agree there are benefits. Thanks for posting which recipes were awesome. I'll be using them ASAP!
And... I wanna know your menu plan. I really haven't ever worked out before (embarrassing) and feel so good about my routine. It's hard work (I have a lot more to lose) but it pays off. Seriously get in shape before ever thinking

Hailey Jones said...

About babies. Your body is never the same! But your life is so much better.
And I wanna go to puerto Rico.
And I thing you are awesome

Shell said...

Love this post! I'm glad you loved when we came, cuz I loved it too. I wish I could do it more often. I'm obsessed with Wes too. He's darling and getting more darling everyday! So awesome about the 18 pounds, Hay! You make me want to be better. Love it! And love you!

The Millers said...

I'm in LOVE with the subway art for shell. Seriously you are awesome. I was totally laughing about what you don't like about pinterest. So funny and soooo true. Loved seeing you and love that danny okay with being a human jungle gym!! Remind me again why we have to wait till shell is here to hang out?? Yes love her but I'd love to see you more!!!