Thursday, January 12, 2012

NewThanksmas Eve…or something?

We got together with a bunch of high school friends a few days after Christmas to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve. I think it was called NewThanksmas Eve? Anyway, it was great to see friends we haven’t seen for a while and it’s so funny how many of us married each other from high school!

506 - CopyWe dressed up in our holiday best and Dan and I found these sweet sweaters on sale at JCPenney for 80% off. Danny bought two different ones. Don’t hate. We had a yummy dinner, played Minute to Win it games and watched the Jazz game.

507 - Copy Danny starting us out with the cookie challenge. He was successful. Not surprised.

510 - CopyI did the pencil challenge where you had to balance pencils on the top of your had then flick them in the air and catch them. You keep adding more pencils to your your pile so by the end you have to balance a lot and it gets pretty hard!512 - Copy Luckily with my huge man hands and some concentration, I was able to pass the challenge! 513 - Copy My last pile of pencils…I was concentrating and sweating a lot.514 - Copy Dan had to try to blow the Christmas cards over to the edge of the table but just enough that they didn’t fall off. He had to try to balance one side of the card on top of the table and the other half is hanging off the table.515 - Copy It was wicked hard and Alex was the only one was successfully passed this challenge.

516 - Copy 520 - Copy

Here is the group in our holiday outfits. I really loved Alex’s turtleneck and denim shirt and Dustin’s semi-transparent mustache that Kaley filled in with make up. Good times with WJ friends!


Shell said...

Looks like fun! Why am I not surprised that Todd and Kelsie didn't participate in the fun part of dressing up? They should have worn their bee keeping outfits. Good idea to play those games at a party. :)

Nicole S. said...

This party is actually a really good idea. No need to have 1 party for each event, just 1 big party! I love it!!

PS...I like the dark hair on you!!