Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Family stuff

First of all, we ran the Wasatch Back this past weekend and we both survived! We had a really good time and Dan and I both did really well. I really loved it and I tried to make a particular effort to enjoy the beautiful views that we saw and to look around while I was running and be grateful that I have a strong body and the opportunity to run and enjoy being outside. Now sometimes I wanted to barf and “enjoy” was the last word on my mind, but I tried! I will post pics of that soon.


You may have noticed it rained a bit in May…we got tons of rain and our lovely fire pit filled right up with water since the ground was too wet to soak it up! Thank goodness we have a sump pump that was running all day and night keeping water out of our basement. We had a little seepage in our food storage room, but it was pretty easy to clean up. You can also see our neighbor’s backyard in the top of the picture which turned into a huge lake!

DSC01101 - Copy_thumb[2]

My little sissy graduated from SUU in December and walked in May and we went to see her graduate! So exciting!


We stayed in St. George for the night and had to take some pics on the balcony of the pretty sunset.


Pretty girl. I don’t think I will ever think of her as anything other than my baby sister, no matter how old we get! It’s weird how protective I am of her and how much older I feel than her even though she’s all grown up and we are such good friends now. It’s hard to remember the good old days when we wanted to kill each other on a daily basis…


The boys having fun with the camera. Danny loves having another guy around and we love that they get along and entertain each other so we can just chat nonstop.

DSC01085 - Copy_thumb[2]DSC01099_thumb[5]

For Memorial Day, we drove to Idaho Falls and stayed at Danny’s brother’s house. We had a lot of fun and I especially loved our dance party one night. I got some sweet pics too. Smile


There was TONS of junk food (I can’t believe how skinny that family is with all the treats they consume) and the kids were in heaven.


Ryan loving his glow stick grandma gave out to all the grandkids. I love my sweet nieces and nephews!


The Millers said...

Congrats to Steph on graduation. I was laughing about your comments on the Ragnar because I totally know what you meant, sometimes when I was running I'd be thinking why I am doing this, ha ha but in the end things like that are fun. And yes we are lucky to have strong healthy bodies to do it!

Amanda said...

Congrats on finishing the ragnar and congrats to your sister. I love the pics of memorial day. I hear you on the whole being skinny without trying. I am a super health nut and can barely stay where I need to be and Dave eats whatever and has 4% body fat. Go figure.