Monday, January 24, 2011

Before and After: Yellow Chair

So it has been a long time, but I’m still working on finishing up our bedroom. Things have gotten pretty busy lately. Dan has 19 credits and he’s studying to take the GMAT next month and he works 20 hours a week. I just got called as 2nd counselor in the primary presidency (we have 150 kids in our ward eeek!), and we both started training to run the Wasatch Back. And I’m working full time :) Fun fun. But I’m still slowly working on finishing up our bedroom and bathroom.

My dad gave me these two sick chairs for free so I fixed up one for our bedroom and I’m really excited with how it turned out!

Here is the chair before: I used gloves when I took it apart because it was grody.


And here it is after! I sanded it really well, put new padding on it, and covered it with cute fabric. It’s not upholstery fabric, so we’ll see how it holds up. We don’t use it all that much though so hopefully it will be fine.


I ended up using a $5 stapler from Hobby Lobby to staple the fabric and padding on and it worked great.


There was so much gunk on the wood and the sanding took awhile to get it all off.


Sorry about my sick yellowing blinds…the previous owners put in cheap blinds so I’m going to try to paint them until we buy new ones.


So I still have things to do but they’re coming along. I decided on black frames above the bed so thanks a lot for your input everyone!


The Steeds said...

So when are you coming to AZ to help me with my house? Any time you want to come, just let me know. :) PS-- Love the chair and wish it was mine.

Lanea Sampson said...

AMAZING, Haley!! Good job!

ShaNae said...

I love love all that you do!! I want to come restore old things with you sometime lol!! I just started my training for the race and thought of you two. What legs did you get?

Price's Write said...

I love it! What a way cute chair!

Ape and Er said...

You rock my world with your awesome craftiness...